On the dream about the revealing of President Trump

IN considering the spiral nature of Time, as well as satanic strategies in the previous post and linked subsequent parts, we get further insights into Lora Allison’s dream about Donald Trump (emphases mine), especially on ‘INFILTRATION’ :

ASCENT OVER TIME (secondary purpose)

Scene 2: “I was in the audience of a massive theater. As I watched the huge stage, Trump and the other two men had on these gorgeous floor length scarlet robes, and to get to the designated place they had to climb these massive stairs. As I watched, they, in full view of everyone else, slipped into position even though they weren’t considered part of the acknowledged cast by the audience who were at the bottom of these stairs. These stairs had no railings, were gorgeous and wide, curving upward to the left almost out of sight. They were now in full view of everyone and, as in a procession, one after the other, the three of them ceremoniously climbed the stairs as in a perfect choreographed move.” (NB. direct inference to Time)

Extracts from Wanda’s and Lora’s thoughts and interpretation:

‘This production is being orchestrated by God…Being in public view – and being continually threatened – God is protecting these who are being directed in their purpose.

‘The ascent up this staircase that is choreographed and synchronized indicates God’s sovereign intervention and plan. He is ordering Trump’s steps in His perfect timing. The staircase itself represents the process of time that has been required before the revelations can come… that requires our absolute faith and trust in the Lord.

‘The staircase is going up to the left, indicating President Trump’s infiltration of the leftist agenda. Even during this hidden process that is in plain sight, the globalist plot is being thwarted as God restores godly leadership at the top.’

Thus, we understand the dream is about events and ‘actors’ being watched by a huge audience. Donald Trump and two others are excluded from the cast of players until they dress up in a costume to hide their true identities and role and sneak onto the immense set. As said, “Trump’s present role is a cover. He’s wearing a costume – playing his role – until the time of his revealing.”

INFILTRATION (prime purpose)

Furthermore, Lora’s opening sentence states the dream’s prime theme:

“I dreamed that Trump was infiltrating a theatrical production. It was an extremely important massive production, similar to a Cecil B DeMille scale…”

Therefore, I draw attention to the understanding of his patriotic supporters, as posted three days later. Note specific references to ‘infiltration’ in the 2nd screenshot:

Also note this from page 5 of Patel Patriot’s Devolution – Part 15 Vaccine Bewilderment:

‘The idea that Trump’s Judas Goats have infiltrated the enemy helps us to understand some of Trump’s actions. Not only do Judas Goats guide the enemy into poor decisions, but they can also provide intel to the good guys. Judas Goats or no, Trump and his team have been ten steps ahead of the enemy. They always seem to know what the enemy is going to do next. COVID is a perfect example of this orchestrated fore-knowledge.…’

This concept of everything happening since Joe Biden’s ‘inauguration’ is a movie or show, has often featured in prophecies. Therefore, I’m convinced that this dream is significantly important, so keep watching!

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