New Carmel Prophets’ hub: the Lord is having His way – personal journey confirmed

As mentioned in the previous, after posting Dream of Donald Trump Being Revealed, Wanda Alger issued this brief, highly poignant alert:

The ‘deal’ accords with and thereby confirms what my wife Nina heard on Monday 4th April inaugural meeting in our area for New Carmel Prophets. Whilst visibly struck by Holy Spirit she heard,


Her personal reaction was to say, “In other words, God’s now in charge!”

This New Carmel Prophets hub was convened by New Frontiers’ Jubilee Church and its leader David led glorious worship in Saint Marks parish church, Bordon, with vicar Ian in support. As in ‘Confirmation’ in the previous post, Revd Yinka Oyekan spoke briefly on prophecy and time. Then Neil Townsend with team from The Gate, Reading, led us in groups of four or five to wait upon the Lord to receive His words for the area and nation and these were shared later.

I received an interesting picture before of a wide river valley with a river meandering along it but with many large fires along its embankments: it’s the Lord’s river of living water and several places where His Spirit has set many on fire. This was confirmed by another group bringing the account of prophet Ezekiel’s vision of a river flowing out of God’s Holy Temple. I was thus reminded of the vision I had 30 years ago at Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist) or TFC, but now I was seeing how that has moved toward fulfillment.

Moreover, afterwards I now understand how that picture hinted at how the Lord has been with me in my journey – what’s more, and this amazed me – He was also confirming it through groups of various attendees that evening!!

First, it was led by folk from the first church the Lord brought me into as a born-again Christian (TFC is now The Gate) AND one of the sisters from there whom I knew from those days knew of the vision I’d had nearly 30 years ago of an imploding spiritual atomic bomb over Reading that fell and rolled down the Thames valley. Also, it confirmed a similar fireball vision seen by TFC’s assistant pastor David.

When I mentioned that memory and the fresh vision to the local worship leader, he reminded me that he too had known David many years ago. Furthermore, we know this second David from having attended the same church in Farnham after we were married twenty years ago.

Moreover, a number of folk here were from Catch The Fire Farnborough and with whom we’re in regular contact – but what’s more it was their pastor who not only gave me the leaflet about this meeting but also had had a similar vision of an exploding atom bomb, all as recounted in Visions of Spiritual Atomic Bomb Confirmed…

And St Mary’s vicar Ian was blown away by how Holy Spirit moved in his church that evening! (The above account is only snippets of what we all heard from the Lord.)

Personally, I was highly encouraged at how the Lord brought together brothers and sisters from three parts of His body who’d been notable parts of my life in Him before and with Nina – and gave her an exceptional word on how He is now moving!!

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