Dream about President Trump being revealed…

I was sent this dream by Dr. Lora Allison, a friend and colleague who serves on my Ministry Advisory Council. She is a seasoned prophet and founder of Celebration Ministries in Houston.  She received this dream on Thursday April 7.  I will share the dream as she wrote it and then share our combined thoughts for interpretation. 

I dreamed that Trump was infiltrating a theatrical production. It was an extremely important massive production, similar to a Cecil B DeMille scale. There were three scenes [continue  at…]:  DREAM ABOUT PRESIDENT TRUMP BEING REVEALED —

A highly significant dream along with interpretation and the scenario confirms what others have seen. I’m reminded of the totally unexpected open vision my dear Nina had in December 2020 of Trump and Melania standing on the White House balcony as a beacon of light…Open vision of Donald Trump confirmed by two prophets

Wanda posted this last night followed by a short alert on her Telegram, which accords with another very brief word Nina received here in England at a New Carmel Prophets meeting…details coming soon. 

Our American sister concludes this posting,

‘Lora stated in her dream, “I kept thinking, surely everyone notices him…,” which reflects the watchmen’s cry in this hour. That people would watch and SEE what the Lord is doing by His Spirit. Only those who can rightly discern by the Spirit will fully comprehend what He will reveal.

Until this time of revealing, we must pray for President Trump and those who journey with him, to be continually covered by the Lord. Pray that every step will be ordered by the Lord and that every truth revealed will reflect the holiness and righteousness of the Lord’s purposes for this nation. Pray that God’s ordered plan would be accomplished in His perfect time and that He would receive all the glory for that which is revealed.’

4 thoughts on “Dream about President Trump being revealed…

  1. Here is a dream that I had about President Trump back in December:

    6 December 2021

    “Last night I had a dream where I was walking out in the country. It was ranch land; there were hills and mountains all around me. It looked like it could have been in Idaho. I walked up to this ranch house and went inside. President Trump was sitting at this table in the kitchen. I sat down and we talked for a short while. We had a meal together. President Trump looked like he was anticipating something.”

    It seemed like President Trump was waiting for something. Maybe he was waiting for God’s perfect timing.

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  2. “Alone with God. God’s greatest work within an individual is often done in secret, away from the sight of others. God takes aside those upon whom His call rests, to achieve His end within their hearts. Wrestlings, breakings and spiritual insights are common to those who are “the called according to His purpose”. It is the broken vessel which most easily pours forth the fragrance and living waters of Christ. A vessel broken in the hands of God can never be broken by the circumstances of life. Broken ones are strong in God; they know that their weakness is the place of God’s power. They have learned of the One broken for them, from Whom springs joy and delight. In the secret places of God, they have discovered their call, their purpose and their destiny. Many circumvent this sanctified place of the preparation and dealings of God. They choose instead to fill their time with activities, entertainment, shallow relationships and even religious exercises in order to avoid the mystery of this alone time with God. The narrative of Lot (Hebrew meaning: veiled one) is an accurate portrayal of many today. Though righteous (2 Peter 2:7-9), he clung to the vestiges of the world while simultaneously being vexed by it. It is the conundrum of His own: loving God but also hanging on to the ways and wisdom of this world. Loved of God but lacking the intimacy and deep knowledge of Him reserved for those who come to that secret place with God.”

    –Brian Troxel

    Alone With God

    Alone With God

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