ABSOLUTELY VITAL – Even a well-known UK prophecy site had a very lengthy debate based upon a not well-balanced paper on a denominational website. Alarmingly, some were not only clueless but also unwilling to learn!!  Here’s Wanda:

WARNING: Truth Ahead. View at your own risk. You are entering a season of troubling information that will be highly uncomfortable. Proceed with caution… 

At a time when spiritual warfare is out in the open and demonic influence is championed in the headlines, we are being challenged in discerning what’s true. Many conspiracy theories of past years are now being proven and validated, and there are many more yet to be revealed. Every sphere of our culture is being shaken and subjected to a thorough vetting and cleansing. The Lord is going deep into the root systems of what we have thought was “normal” to show us a very cracked and unhealthy foundation. It’s like living in a beautiful house for years and then finding out there’s a mold problem. It’s been growing for decades and has now contaminated the entire structure. It’s gone unnoticed and untreated for so long, only a major overhaul can eradicate it.

The spiritual mold we’re dealing with throughout the nations has grown through lies, deception, demonic agendas, and godless leaders who have been toying with humanity for personal gain. The controversial issues we’re dealing with go far beyond mere financial misdealing’s or inappropriate relationships. The secrets being exposed are dark, wicked practices that come from hell itself. Even as we are wrapping our minds around the level of corruption in high places, we are just beginning to understand the level of witchcraft involved. And as exposures continue to increase, arrests are made, and even well-known church leaders are convicted, our greatest challenge will be in facing the reality about our true condition. [ ..continue reading at…]   WARNING: TRUTH AHEAD —


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