Did Biden’s handlers give their ‘final warning’ about the next big crisis used to ‘reset’ the world? — Leo Hohmann

I know it’s over-used, to the point of cliché, but it appears we have entered one of those calms before the storm, a lull in between the end of one crisis and the beginning of another. We’ve gone from unprecedented plandemic lock-downs and mandates, to people’s uprisings (remember the truckers?), soaring inflation, wars and rumors of wars. But it seems like the globalists have something even bigger that they would like to hit us with.

What could be bigger than a global pandemic or a raging world war, you ask?

The Biden White House may have provided a clue Monday, March 21, when it issued a press release titled ‘Statement By President Biden on Our Nation’s Cybersecurity’. Biden also spoke on the issue.

First off, Biden did not write this document. He likely had no input whatsoever and just had it read to him before being told to sign it.

He claims this is a follow-up to a previous warning. So Biden’s globalist handlers are telling us that they have now given us what amounts to a second warning. That’s significant.

Following is an excerpt from the press release [..read at.. ] Did Biden’s handlers just give us their ‘final warning’ about the next big crisis that will be used to reset the world? — LeoHohmann.com


6 thoughts on “Did Biden’s handlers give their ‘final warning’ about the next big crisis used to ‘reset’ the world? — Leo Hohmann

  1. Uff Da as we say in Minnesota. Those are some scary thoughts. I know some prophets are saying things along these lines while others are giving a much more hopeful account. I suppose it is no surprise that I tend to go with those words that give hope. I have no doubt that the WEF and friends are planning something along these lines but I also have no doubt they do not know what they are up against. This demon possessed Harari is about to find out how absolutely wrong he is about everything but most especially GOD! Hahahaha, I laugh at the pain that monster is going to feel. Should I feel sadness for him, maybe, but I don’t. I sincerely want to watch some of these horrible people get what they have coming to them. We have been subjected to their constant lies and abuse, they have had ample opportunity to repent and have instead doubled down so they will fully deserve everything that they are about to experience. Mark

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  2. Concerning Yuval Noah Harari. Harari is not a Hebrew name have checked. Yuval = Jubal
    This morning I was woken at 4am speaking “Klaus Shwab is the Pied Piper of the New World Order.” and we know where he lead the children.
    This guy Yuval Noah is as anti-Christ as they come and Jesus said, “As in the days of Noah…”. Shwab is his mouth piece. I continues praying and then turned to my daily readings in Luke 17 and came to v 26 “As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man.”! The very confirmation I was asking for. We are very close.

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