Brave pastor to global predators and minions: ‘”Resign now, while you still can!” — Leo Hohmann

There’s a brilliant column posted over at The Liberty Daily by J.D. Rucker. Rucker writes about a man who lived under a communist dictatorship in the 1980s and watched the regime collapse under the pressure of raw people power. That man is Pastor Artur Pawlowski and the country was Poland. The pastor has since emigrated to Canada where he is again confronted by a burgeoning totalitarian system, one that asks to see your papers before you enter a restaurant, sporting arena or pub, one that tracks your spending and your movements about the country and attempts to limit that movement based on its arbitrary determination as to whether such travel is “safe.” It decides what is in the best interests of the “greater good” and anyone who disagrees is treated like a social outcast, a pariah who must be separated from the obedient herd.  […] Brave pastor to global predators and their minions: ‘Resign now, while you still can’ —


1 thought on “Brave pastor to global predators and minions: ‘”Resign now, while you still can!” — Leo Hohmann

  1. Canadian intercessor Maxine in Nova Scotia comments notably on this post’s Fbk version:
    “This is going to be Canada’s finest hour, from what I can see. Finally I can see clear lines of distinction between the Kingdom of God manifesting in USA and Canada, between the ruling class in both nations and the power of God’s sovereign authority at work in individual people who take up the cross to follow Christ. The authority that comes through the cross is able to tear down the biggest enemy strongholds and this is now happening. We take a stand, right where we’re at; take a posture of humility before God in the face of the most powerful world leaders, and watch what HE does on our behalf that may not happen any other way.
    It’s a modern day showdown between Goliath and David, and we know how that goes. The David-hearts rise up from the most obscure places to take down the biggest giants of all. What’s happening in Ottawa is the fulfillment of prophecy for Canada. The David-hearts are winning and Artur Pawlowski is chief among them.”

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