Prophecy on media collapse fulfilled on day it’s re-published on this blog!

WOWEE!! Oh my, what a strikingly awesome set of ‘God-incidents’!

For years I’ve been noting news relating to exposures of political corruption based upon my personal musing, but more recently in connection with the many exposures the Lord promises within His message to Amanda Grace.

Once again I’m utterly stunned because I had NOT planned the previous post – in fact, I thought a third item on a similar topic in one day would be far too much for readers. But I was forgetting the very principle that’s been presented to me during the past few of weeks > dual manifestation in threes!

It was more than a ‘nudge’ in my ribs more like a finger poked into my brain and I kind of went into automatic in the painstaking task of copying the red colouring in the original item. Moreover, I was going to copy the first opening two paragraphs only as possibly relating to the news items I’d already gathered, but got compelled to continue AND to EMPHASISE certain portions in old typeface!

I especially noted this reference to the media, now underlined:

“And says the Spirit of the Lord this day entities made of silicon and those in valleys and those of the press nature are set to collapse – their last leg is being knocked from under them and the crash will be loud,  says the Lord of Hosts. Crashes are necessary to break what is corrupt to bring low what has lifted themselves up in their hearts and spoke forth “we are untouchable we are on high”

LATER – IN VIEW OF UK-US TIME DIFFERENCES – I GOT NEWS OF THAT PART OF THE WORD COMING TO PASS.  And a THIRD item relating to the UK arrived in my morning emails!!!

That is, once again a TRIPLET of PROPHETICALLY RELATED NEWS!!  (next posts)

Moreover, I was awakened early and had the notion of running a recent video, which is highly unusual not only in the time of day but also because our schedule doesn’t allow  my devoting necessary time – it’s faster to assimilate material by reading than listening.

However, with YouTube I can open up a transcript and scan-read as well as playback at speed. So I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she began reviewing prophetic words that are a year old before Biden’s inauguration!

the media

for uh the here it is

because we’ve seen a lot happen with CNN

yeah okay

and this is this was also this was from

december 3rd 2020 so over a year ago


and says the spirit of the lord i’m

speaking to that pagan mountain in

america and causing an avalanche in

avalanches (capitalized) you shall see

evidence of this in the natural an

avalanche shall be triggered at the

white house of all those loose unstable

disloyal separatists who are only

concerned about catering to the haman’s

catering to those putting forth an

illusion of a false authority that is

not theirs to declare and i the lord

shall cause an event that triggers an

avalanche of those doing such and it

will sweep them right out of the white

house an avalanche of staff shall depart

amidst the emergence of disloyal actions

and paper trails traced back to even

those who should have been spiritually

advising but instead attempted to begin

to sell their soul to keep their

position says the lord of hosts this day

a lot of that is already has already

come to pass but this is where it gets

interesting and says and the spirit of

the lord says this day

i am renewing a steadfast spirit i’m

creating a clean heart in the in the

president in the first lady now he’s

talking about

uh the trump family i believe in this

it’s either the trump family or the one

after them not the bidens for i am a

LAMP (capitalized) onto their feet and a

LIGHT (capitalized) onto their path and i

the lord i’m drawing them closer and

closer to me

along with those truly loyal and seeking

truth as a hen so draws her chicks under

her so i the lord i’m drawing them in

close now for what is to take place is

going to topple and overthrow

strongholds in this country

a media outlet shall be trampled in the

stampedes their cup of sorceries has

become full and now i the lord must pour

them out and they will become the NEWS

(capitalized) the headlines they never

wanted to be

and there are those who shall fall on

their swords as this high place they

have been getting their accolades from

gives way and is swept away in the

avalanche says the lord

wow and we’re seeing that even within

the past couple months and their ratings

are the lowest

they have ever been


i think elijah’s streams is has

more views than praise the

you know they just know everyone is

being um god is unveiling and and

showing them for who they are so that’s

incredible that he gave that to you a

year ago uh you know praise the lord i i

read it all together because i when i

took a good look at it it’s almost like

these events are going to run in some

type of tandem or one after the other so

i wanted to read it in that in that

chunk so everyone got a picture of what

was around the media

outlet falling as well the other events

that were around it yes



january 6th this is interesting

this is from december 18 2020 so again…

PS (RB) Hope to carve out time to listen to full video…