Update on fulfillment of ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy’s schizoid effects

Kim Clement’s ‘Two Presidents’ Prophecy Fulfilled by USA’s Schizoid Foreign Policy, which I published on 20th May, begins,

‘The day after Joe Biden’s inauguration (20th January) I referred to Kim Clement’s ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy of April 2008, and which implies there would be a ‘double-mindedness,’ when asking Can dis-United States of America be a Trustworthy Ally and Keep its Place as a Global Leader?  Subsequently, I posted two updates regarding Iran (here and here).

‘I regret to report there’s now further proof of that once great nation and leader of the Western world falling into international contempt – and without any reference to Biden’s policies being the biggest threat to Ireland’s prosperity as it falls out with the EU!!!’

I quoted Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph’s Defence Editor, and he’s now written an update that confirms the continuing dismal state of the Biden regime’s utter failure as an international leader and ally:

NOTE WELL, later in this piece:

Read in full about 2022 Next Year Will Be Even Worse for Biden and the West

2 thoughts on “Update on fulfillment of ‘Two Presidents’ prophecy’s schizoid effects

  1. It is truly irritating to read articles where the author proclaims how the world was excited to have a “real” leader back in Washington and how this will surly be a great return to Democracy and of course the author presupposes that every reader will heartily agree because everyone in his bubble certainly agrees. Sickening. And even the obvious error in their thinking (see the world today vs the world with Trump) doesn’t budge them off of their errant thought process. I think perhaps GOD has given them over to a reprobate mind. It is no hopeless for many/most of them.


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