More~on Biden-Obama-China

Further to today’s examinations of China’s financial and political influence over US election electronics, and Speaker of the House Pelosi and over the Biden family – in addition to my summary on the Bidens and Obama from Devolution Part 12, The Silent War, in As Prophesied re Two Presidents, ‘Reveal’ of Biden Can-of-worms Expected Soon – here’s more news of that wholly unwelcome influence upon American leaders. First, yesterday’s (18 October) detailed coverage from We Love Trump:


6 thoughts on “More~on Biden-Obama-China

  1. Richard: Here is an excellent article by Cesare Sacchetti about a confrontation between China and the US military in the South China Sea on the 2nd of October. If the brain-dead fake president is in charge of the US military, then why would there be a confrontation with China in the South China Sea? Brain-dead is a puppet of the CCP. The fake president merely has superficial control of the US military. President Donald Trump still has REAL control of the US military because Donald Trump still is the REAL President of the United States.

    We now know of the South China Sea confrontation. What else is happening that we cannot see? Many things are happening behind the scenes. Many things are happening in the heavenlies. We live by faith and not by sight. Glory to God in the Highest!

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