‘Circus’ prophecy now moving from Joker to Queen…

Continuing with the prophetic vision Veronika West brought, as recounted with particular emphases in last week’s Headlines Echo Joker, Queen and King’s (Trump) Stolen Crown Prophecy, here’s yesterday’s Washington Times Opinion (thank you Michael Slorac):

Let’s revisit the pertinent parts of a change of ‘Act’ in the vision Veronika was watching and note especially references to timings and implicit imminent upheaval in this political circus;

‘…I watched as the Joker and The Queen of Hearts ran towards each other and the Joker handed the Gold Crown to The Queen of Hearts and she proceeded to climb upon the Joker’s shoulder.

‘Then I heard these words, “Watch! For now the balancing act will begin for those who seek to take the Throne.”

‘As I heard those Words, I watched as the Joker tried to balance The Queen of Hearts upon his shoulders and The Queen of Hearts tried to balance the heavy Gold Crown upon her head. I saw that in the midst of all the chaos that’s taking place, the King remained standing before his Throne and the Lion kept walking around the borders of the Arena.  

‘I watched as the both the Joker and the Queen tried desperately to gain and maintain their balance walking together around the Arena, but…their movements became more and more challenging, especially for the Joker, as the long and heavy dress of the Queen kept falling down and covering the Joker’s face.

‘The dress blinding him and hindered him from moving forward easily. I saw that the Joker’s legs were quickly beginning to get weaker under the weight of the Queen and the heavy Gold Crown and they began to stagger across the floor of the Arena.

‘…the crowds were screaming with delight as the Joker and The Queen of Hearts began to make their way towards the three-legged stool…I knew that the Joker would have to navigate very carefully on how he was going to begin to mount the stool with the Queen upon his shoulders.  If they were going to be victorious in taking their seat upon the three-legged throne, the Joker would have to be extremely careful not to drop the Queen and the Queen would have to be extremely careful not to drop the Stolen Crown!

‘…The Joker and The Queen of Hearts begin to climb up the tall three-legged stool (RB: One World Order throne) and I noticed immediately that the stool was extremely unstable and not very strong. The three-legged stool had no supports. There were no arms rests and no backing on the chair. This was going to make it extremely difficult for the Joker to mount the stool with the Queen and the heavy Gold Crown balancing upon his shoulders.

‘I could see that the weight of it all upon his shoulders was now really beginning to bear down upon him.

‘But…. Ha! I watched as The Queen of Hearts began to beat down upon the head of The Joker as he struggled desperately to climb upon the stool, his legs shaking violently, looking like at any moment his knees were going to buckle underneath the both of them.  [Eg, as when he tripped three times when ascending steps to Air Force One.]

‘I saw The Queen of Hearts beginning to panic all the while, trying to desperately hold onto the Stolen Crown, and The Joker looking more and more exhausted as he desperately tried to stay standing…’

NOW note the latest news/opinion reporting on an expected change of ‘Act’ from symbolic ‘Joker’ to ‘Queen of Hearts,’ starting with this published mid-afternoon yesterday over this side of the ‘Pond’:

Dominic Green is deputy editor of The Spectator’s world edition. He closes this item:

‘While Harris plays it cool, Biden is getting the heat for Afghanistan. There’s time yet, but the media’s turn against Biden has started the countdown towards that eventuality that no one apart from the Second Husband, the Blob, and the Veep herself are looking forward to: Kamala Harris’s shot at the presidency. ‘

Read in full at Daily Telegraph here

Then as our new day started, up popped this report in Gateway Pundit:

The top image Michael sent also connected into today’s pertinent posts by Dr Sebastian Gorka, British-born Hungarian-American military and intelligence analyst, who served as a Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump:

7 thoughts on “‘Circus’ prophecy now moving from Joker to Queen…

  1. Biden reminds me of Ahab and Harris reminds me of Jezebel. How did Jezebel die? She was thrown down by her eunuchs, trampled by horses and eaten by dogs. The “dogs” now are probably the Marxist mainstream media.

    The spirit of Elijah will triumph in the end. The spirit of Elijah has Trump in the end (Trump has the last laugh).

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  2. I wonder if the Queen isn’t Jill Biden instead of Kamala? It makes more sense, if Biden is pushed aside through the 25 amendment, why would he then be in a supporting role (ie carrying the Queen around the arena) but if Jill is really running the show then it makes perfect sense that Joe’s legs are getting wobbly and he clearly is failing under the pressure but the Queen (Jill) power mad as she is just keeps cracking the whip on Joe for her own glory and prestige. I think Jill is the Queen.

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    • Interesting thought, especially when we check the original at HKP, as linked above wherein Veronika adds this ‘Important Note
      “‘Please keep in mind I am not speaking of flesh and blood, but rather to demonic spirits that are at work through people!
      “I believe here it is speaking prophetically to “a demonic threefold cord at work”. I see the spirits of Jezebel, Leviathan and Ahab.
      “I share this dream as a matter of urgency…. as I believe there are powerful prophetic aspects of the dream that require immediate warfare for the pulling down of demonic thrones of darkness in this hour….”

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