Court-martial Biden? The Marshall Report

On her relatively newly upgraded site The Marshall Report, Dianne Marshall writes:

‘Listen to former commander of British forces in Afghanistan tell Levin (that) Biden should not be impeached but instead should face a court-martial for surrendering…’

She too, refers to questions about USA trust-worthiness as an ally in her citing former long-time adviser on Islamic affairs to the Office of the Secretary of Defense,  Harold Rhode, on Afghanistan’s fall,

“I would ask the question: Can America be trusted?”

Dianne’s article covers the effect upon Israel. To read visit: Court-martial Biden?

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3 thoughts on “Court-martial Biden? The Marshall Report

  1. Richard: This is the latest from Cesare Sacchetti:

    “What we are seeing in Afghanistan is a tremendous defeat suffered by the deep state and the Euro-Atlantic block composed by NATO and the EU. Last year, Trump told us that he was going to cut a deal with the Taliban. He also told us that the Taliban were going to fight Islamic terrorism. This means that Trump doesn’t associate the Taliban with Islamic terrorists. He considers the former in contraposition to the latter. People who claim that Afghanistan will fall in the hands of China are likely wrong because Trump in his deal couldn’t overlook this condition. He probably asked the Taliban to counter China.

    “Moreover, the Taliban are nationalists. They don’t like to be ruled by any foreign power, be it the deep state or China. So the question is: what happened? The media have realized that they have lost Afghanistan and have started a hysteria disinformation campaign to depict the evacuation as a “disaster” and discredit the Taliban as much as possible before the eyes of the international public opinion. Trump undestood their tactics. He knows that there’s no chaos in Kabul but he had a stroke of genius. He proceeded to dump on Biden’s shoulders the “disaster” . In this game, Biden is just a puppet in the hands of the military and Trump. Therefore, this is Trump’s masterpiece. Biden’s biggest apparent failure is Trump’s greatest success against the New World Order.”

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