The prophets ARE right! Vision of golden sceptre – Johnny Enlow

Thank you to Rob for alerting me to this strongly emphatic stance from Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow at Restore7, issued in the last day – I’ve modified this post’s title to Anglicise and make it a firm declaration in the continuous present, not past, tense. Johnny’s account of his vision, especially his understanding, is the 3rd confirmation of the vision (as herein) that suddenly came to my wife during conversation with a friend:


Enough months have gone by since November’s election of that it is worth revisiting some important truth. There is actually no “waiting to see” if the prophets were right who prophesied Donald J Trump winning the election – It happened. It happened ‘BIGLY’. By late night on the 3rd of November, it was all but announced that DJT had comfortably won the election. Prophecy fulfilled.

The ensuing, unparalleled in history, ‘steal’, that saw multiple states claim thousands more votes than registered voters (pause and let that register) is not going to stand. That becomes I suppose a second prophetic word— which also will be fulfilled. The fact Arizona is in a recount should tell you there is no expiration date on when a steal gets voided. The fact that the Dems have sent— at last estimate— 100 attorneys, to try to stop it should tell you right there they understand that if the steal gets exposed in Arizona it will also happen in the other states. Who would be for stopping a recount done with 100% transparency in every step and every process? Only a thief and his den of thieves.

In a related development, Mr.Pillow man has 100% percent proof of the national election steal— though the results will have to be searched for because the thieves have cohorts in big tech platforms trying to suppress the truth. It is yet another proof the prophets who prophesied DJT would win— were not wrong.

Meanwhile, there is a leadership group in the Body of Christ upping the ante at going after the prophets that don’t back down on what God said— and is still saying. They consider that if a thief has managed to hold the loot from a robbery for 5 or 6 months that it now has be considered fair and square his loot. They see it as a valuable service to the Body of Christ to “rein in” these prophets who keep agreeing with God. They have unwisely partnered with the thief while true prophetic voices have no choice but to agree with God. If God changes His mind we will too. If He doesn’t we won’t either. I’m guessing He won’t change His mind.

Vision of a Golden Scepter

I was praying today I saw a vision of DJT seated on a throne holding a golden scepter. He also had a golden crown on his head. This, I was shown, is his PRESENT status from heaven’s perspective. That becomes all I need to know, as to should I back off saying “the steal will not hold”. Heaven does not recognize JB having any scepter nor wearing any crown. From heaven’s perspective, there is only the legitimacy of DJT. God has assigned a massive contingency of angels to that scepter and to that crown. They have not ceased assignment and anointed seers can see this. To repeat, the prophetic word has been true all the way from Nov 3. On that date, DJT won the election “as spoken by His servants the prophets”. IT WAS FULFILLED. The only thing presently yet to be made visible is: will an outrageous steal hold for a whole term. It will not! The answer from God to the question of when is — “SOON”. Do I have a date on that SOON? No, I don’t.

DJT was called and anointed by God to lead our nation and the world into a new era. Most of the above-mentioned “leadership group” at one time believed some version of that reality. Now apparently, if a theft is outrageous and thorough enough, you must bow to that reality and actually congratulate and then even pray for this thief-in-chief. Those who refuse to disagree with God, must now be pressured into accepting the steal, under the guise of “being humble enough” to admit being wrong. How about “being humble enough” to keep agreeing with God after even believers and fellow leaders push for abandoning what He has clearly revealed? My Bible does not say to support or pray for criminal thieves just because it was the highest seat in the land.

Those who gave up on going to the courts of heaven in order to now instead “rein in prophets” might consider that a more worthwhile assignment to get back to. 100 million Americans know that a grand theft has taken place. It is most definitely NOT the assignment of any Body of Christ “leadership group” to instruct that this be considered acceptable and “let’s move on”. There is no “moving on” from this moment. Justice either comes to roost in this season or 100% of this “leadership group” has to admit that their prayers, their marches, their fastings were altogether worthless. If Justice does not sweep in at this time, there is no foundation for ever motivating the Body of Christ to fast, pray, march, vote etc.

The contending effort was unprecedented and worldwide surpassed 100 million people from almost every nation on the earth. Respectfully, “leadership group”, maybe dig deeper and ask God the harder questions you are avoiding— instead of targeting the faithful prophets. Perhaps, you will be led to a more valuable assignment that is in keeping with God’s agenda in our nation and the nations of the world.

Why does your God-view allow for a criminal thief in power to be the answer from God after months of fasting and praying etc. etc.? Why would you allow a grand theft of the highest level to knock you off assignment? Why would you then blame shift — (upon) prophets!!? Did THEY inspire you to fast, pray, march, gather, vote or was it God? Are you afraid to approach God with your disappointment and so must project it elsewhere? Wrestle through that question and you might find yourself back on assignment. You need to know literally thousands in the prophetic community are still getting dreams and visions and audible voices from God on DJT officially back in power. Some of you can add that in the comment section so those who see this become aware that nameless and faceless prophetic voices are remaining faithful too.

Johnny Enlow

PS. Also see The Prophets ARE Right: Frank Sui on America’s Re-birth and the New Independence Day

13 thoughts on “The prophets ARE right! Vision of golden sceptre – Johnny Enlow

  1. I was told to pray for DJT to win from the beginning and have never heard anything but that he is God’s President for a further term. I am so very proud of those who are standing strong against those who demand we all recant. Thank you for standing up for them. God has spoken and we now pray, trust and wait for it to come to pass.

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    • A left leaning newspaper in NZ (they all are) has finally come out with some truth. The editorial in their Sunday paper headline.says PRESIDENT NO ONE IS WATCHING. Then referred to very bad viewing figures for Biden’s Congress address.
      The last paragraph said Trump must be “chortling into his Diet-Coke.”
      Praise the I AM.

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  2. Standing for the truth from the UK. Was given several words from the Lord that clearly state that President Trump is going to serve a second term and that his enemies will be overthrown. I have never ceased to stand on those words. Here are some.
    30/6/20 the trumpet is trumping. The trumpet is sounding over the US. Donald Trump will serve a second term. The trumpet is drowning out the voices of opposition. The trumpet is calling the troops to war. Winds of the spirit blow across America. Blow over every state. The winds of change are blowing the winds of change are overthrowing. New life new vision new growth. The old has gone the new has come. Lift up your eyes and see the works of the Lord in this day.
    Isaiah 10:5 God has determined to let loose a punishing disaster like you’ve never seen.
    21/9/20 I was shown a large bell. A deep booming note came out of it. Jesus said there is an overthrowing coming, get ready for war. Awaken your great warriors. Let all the soldiers come near the valley poised for battle.
    27/11/20 I was given the following decrees and declarations from the Lord.
    I decree and declare the name of Jesus will be lifted high when President Trump is inaugurated he will declare the glory of God from the platform and there will be a mighty outpouring of God’s spirit the like of which has never been seen or experienced in America before.
    This outpouring Will flood the airwaves and overwhelm and overcome those who contended against God’s will being done.
    (I then had a picture of a large plug hole with the plug out and filthy water flowing into it.)
    I decree America will experience a surge in its economy and in the well-being of the people truth righteousness and justice once more flourish across the nation. Schools colleges and universities will once more uphold Godly practices and immorality, lies and greed will no longer pervade society. Ethical journalism will become mainstream as the giant purveyors of deception topple and disappear..

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  3. Richard: If you go to Derek Johnson’s Telegram channel (RattleTrap 1776) and scroll up a couple of pages, you will see a photo of Brain Dead and his vice resident speaking from a podium with a Presidential Seal. Then you will see two photos of Brain Dead speaking from a podium, but the Presidential Seal is removed. Brain Dead is NOT President.

    RattleTrap 1776

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    • Many thanks for citing this Tim for my readers Tim as Derek’s is one of many channels I try to read on Telegram. I was going to link his along with Omnipresent as follow up to my post on #45 and 2012 but had to deal with a distraction arising from flak after being bang on target 🙂
      Last night the Lord nudged me and I got my spiritual suspicions of satanic source
      solidly confirmed.
      May the Lord bless our new day on both sides of the Pond my dear friends and readers.

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    • PS. His coverage of military flights is particularly interesting as a church frien and retired airline pilot trained me during the week of attack on his flight simulator. Part of their hobby ro was a cockpit! I flew Cesna from Cardiff over Bristol Channel and he tried a new craft, Tomcat F14! WOWEEEE


      • The military flights are VERY interesting. Usually, there is a no-fly zone for military aircraft over Washington, DC. I believe that since 20 January 2021, there have been all kinds of military aircraft in and out of DC and even flying over the White House. No one lives at the White House and Washington, DC is a ghost town.

        I think this was on Derek Johnson’s Telegram page: since October of 2022, there is a no-fly zone for military aircraft over Mar-a-Lago, Florida. I remember Robin Bullock saying that some people are now calling Mar-a-Lago the “New White House”. According to Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, there have been even more activity with military aircraft in the United States in the past week.

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  4. Here is a dream that I had last night:

    12 November 2022

    Last night I had a dream where I was walking through this building and saw these three guys. They might have been carpenters or maintenance men. Then I saw President Trump. He walked up to these guys and talked with them. President Trump was smiling and laughing with them. I then walked down this hallway and bumped into President Trump and said, “Hello, Mr. President”. He smiled and said hello and walked on down the hallway.

    Notice in this dream, I didn’t say ex-President Trump. In the dream, President Trump was happy, confident, relaxed. President Trump was showing people by his very positive and upbeat demeanor that everything was under control and that everything was going to be okay.


    Back in September, Barry Wunsch had a vision of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In Barry Wunsch’s dream, Obama and Clinton and other Deep State actors were in a panic, things were going horribly wrong for them. Here is the vision:

    Barry Wunsch – Vision of Deep State – Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton (29:00 – 40:00)

    The Lord is slowly, but surely, destroying the Deep State.

    Matthew 21:44: “And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.”

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