America is at war! Many now realising it started way before Trump – The Marshall Report

The left has their own art of war taking place and they have been fighting for a very long time, using all the weapons they can get their hands on. Trump pointed this out from the day he came down the escalator. Who was listening? We all watched as they went for the head of the MAGA movement. The head of Donald J. Trump. We watched as they trashed him, smeared him, and threw a flurry of fiery darts at him. We continued to watch throughout his entire presidency as they fought day and night to take him down.  They stole the election in our faces, they cared not who saw them for they were emboldened by their miry clay infiltration of all levels and in all three of the corporations of the cabal. […continue reading at…]



5 thoughts on “America is at war! Many now realising it started way before Trump – The Marshall Report

  1. According to the Lord speaking to me, it started September 23, 2015. There was an event on that day that turned the traffic light green for things to begin moving more rapidly to usher in what goes against Christ. He warned that Trump would be cut off and who would do it. I have felt lately I needed to give encouragement to believers in Christ and point the way to the truth. Our focus on Christ our Savior is our hope and what will see us through. God bless you as you work so diligently for His kingdom and His glory.

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      • I did. I’ll try to tell it here. I first heard singing in the night. I looked up from my bed and it was coming from above. It sounded like the congregation in my childhood church and the words I heard were ‘count the milestones one by one, Jesus will forsake you never, it is better farther on.’ I then had a baring down in my upper stomach and I heard ‘get off the phone, tv, and internet’. I thought ‘I do too much of that anyway. I need to do better with that. I’ll start it Monday.’ The baring down got harder and I heard ‘now’. I had recently been called into the prayer closet and had experienced a couple things. I had been logging them on my phone. I asked ‘how am I going to continue logging on my phone?’ I had a vision of a white piece of paper and an old fashioned yellow pencil. I notified my praying believer friends and family. I didn’t understand but I was doing what I knew the Lord said. I was reading one night when I put the book down and closed my eyes to rest them a minute. I saw a traffic light on the right turn green and traffic began to flow. I saw on the left a man in a black suit with black hair and black shoes begin to walk up huge steps. He started at the right and walked up toward the left. I didn’t see his hands. They were at his waist with elbows bent as he walked up. The columns on this place were huge and it was really pretty. I didn’t understand why someone would build these huge steps and columns and not put a building with it. But I knew in my spirit that someone was rising to power. To let you know, I was very unfamiliar with all this. I was raised primitive baptist. But I later saw that structure in my vision on the internet. I asked ‘what is this?’ I saw told that a name for it was the seat of satan. I have a friend that knows more about bible knowledge so she sent me a link telling me about it. I forgot to tell that when the Lord said get off electronics, I saw a calendar with 21 on it. The 21 was close to the end of a week so I thought I was supposed to be off a week since at the end of the week would be close to the 21st but not on the 21st. Electronics are different for me now. But I began waking at times of the night with 23 in them. I was writing the times down. It was significant. There is so much to tell that is posted from when I began word press. I haven’t done very well advertising because of what it’s been like putting my little church in shock. I’ve remained silent and haven’t been angry about it. I feel the Lord’s spirit and I’m okay now. That’s another amazing story how He talked to me about what I was letting it do to me. He won’t sit and cry with you. He will gently let you know He has work to be done. So 9/23/15 comes around and I’m so grieved in my spirit. I pick up the phone to call my praying family. The first is my brother and as soon as I try to call, he calls first. He was talking so fast I had to say wait a minute, back up. He said that he had tried to call the day before but he knew I was heavy in prayer and felt the prayer was more important than the purpose so after he couldn’t get me he quit trying. My phone never rang the day before. He said Obama and the pope are meeting on American soil. He said I think that was your reason to be heavy in prayer. I get chills reliving it. I knew he was right. I had a dream where I was in the back seat of a car and being driven to a house. I knew something had happened out in the world and there was to be a funeral. It may not have been the death of a person but it was the death of something. I was greeted by a young man and young woman. I hugged him and called him brother. I never hugged her. I didn’t even try to communicate with her. In fact she never spoke. We went into the kitchen of this house and she stood facing me while the guy was between us. She constantly smoked and he couldn’t get her to stop. I believe he represented Christians and she was the church in judgment since the bible speaks of the church as her and smoke the judgment. A pastor I knew from my younger days came in and sat a the table. He had pen and paper in hand. He asked was she going to the church for the funeral and mentioned the graveside. She never spoke. The young man tried to defend her and said she could not go in. She was of the church of satan’s love. The pastor looked at me and I knew his words would be profound. He said, ‘satan has shown us a lot of love’. At that time a young boy walked in with a white robe on. His eyes were on the pastor as he stopped in front of him and his expression was blank. He then began to walk around the pastor. As he walked around him, the pastor looked at the boy and said, ‘you showed us a lot of love here today’. I knew the boy represented a religious figure that appears to be as meek and mild as a child, but his heart is not that way. He shows a lot of love to people, but that is not how his heart feels. There has been so much between all this but as far as Trump, I began a dream that I was driving to a wedding. There were others following. I got to the field for the wedding and flat wicker-type ornaments were hung in strategic places on trees around this field. Each ornament had a single symbol on it. I believe the symbols were Arabic. Others gathered to wait when I suddenly saw something coming from the air. A horse with a rider was coming around in the air toward my direction. When it got in front of me, it stopped in mid-air. The dream turned into a vision. We don’t see that clear with our earthly eyes. I looked up and Obama sat on the horse, bare-chested. No expression as his eyes locked with mine. The horse was not totally white, more ashen in color. There were clouds around the horse and I realized he was the color of those clouds. This was to make me see the horse’s color so I knew that was important. As he sat on his horse with a warrior’s stance, I saw shadow figures behind him. I felt this meant shadow government. They were busy with their backs to me, working on something. When they moved away from what they’d been doing, I saw Trump’s head. At first I thought he was riding the horse with Obama, then his head came to the front so I could see it clearly. I posted a picture I finally saw that matched the vision. It was the day he spoke outside the white house after the election. But I knew when I was seeing this vision within a dream that they had cut him off. I didn’t know at the time if it meant his life or his office but I knew to trust only God and no man at this point. In February 2020 I saw a vision of the virus under microscope. I got up and then saw the words Coronav 2012. I found there was a virus in 2012. I found the picture I saw online. I felt I needed to look up the word ‘democracy’. When I looked back at the picture there was small print under it. It read, ‘democracy dies in darkness’. I then had a dream that was the saddest I’ve ever had. This happened on a week I was very sick. I had awakened to the words ‘an event will stop Big Ben’. Then I had a dream that I stood in the darkness with others and we picked up a window from debris. I took the window from its casing and began drawing a train on it. We were saddened beyond words. The only word that came to me was somber, too sad to even cry. We knew the window was named Liberty and we knew we would never use it again. I picked up another window from the debris and took it from its casing. Others began to draw as well but I don’t remember what. We knew it’s name was Freedom, and that we would never use it again. I don’t have dates on anything other than the 23rd and that happened. I have been led to study things that relate to these things that no one would think about. Things like a movie. I don’t know how they know these things when they make these movies, but there are people out there that give you clues on things in movies. If God hadn’t directed me to research it, I wouldn’t believe it. We have a God that can turn things around, although He told me not to pray in the judgments because how we see fair and how He sees fair and just is different. Life He told me in the beginning, Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us, so I hang onto that. God bless you.


        • But the virus was ushered in to begin the destruction and take away our liberty and our freedom. The dream in September 2019 told me to surround ourselves with God’s word and pray. Fill in the gaps. We were surrounding ourselves like a wagon train in war. His Word was symbolized by the most beautiful fruit. He said put it all out, it will never go bad. Scripture tells us that heaven and earth may pass away but His Word never will. He showed me a pastor going through a very hard time and said his is at a critical point. So that told me others will be following. I knew this was especially for those that preach, teach, and prophesy. The Holy Spirit said, ‘they’ll be coming’.


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