On an otherwise calm Sunday…(RB: In the ‘Wild West’)

Here are a few updates on an otherwise calm day, as we watch the world spin a bit and circle back….. Joe Biden finally made his way out of the basement at least for a few minutes it seemed – only to be abruptly cut off for wanting to take questions. Makes you wonder who’s […]


7 thoughts on “On an otherwise calm Sunday…(RB: In the ‘Wild West’)

  1. Cesare Sacchetti:

    “The Washington Times realized that Biden is not really in charge and he’s not the President of the United States. Neither is Kamala in charge, while the US States are lifting the Covid restrictions. Who do you think is in charge? Draw your own conclusions.”

    Cesare Sacchetti is doing a great job of exposing the wicked in Italy, Europe and the United States. My guess is that Twitter will ban him permanently in the near future.

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      • Alex: I believe that Obama/CCP is controlling the Biden/Harris/Democrat/Satanic Deep State Complex and that the Satanic Globalist Deep State control Obama/CCP.

        I also believe that the U.S. Military is running aspects of the federal government with much input from President Trump. And, of course, the Lord is with President Trump.

        The Lord is doing an excellent job of exposing the wicked and waking more people up to the wickedness and corruption of the Democrats and Republicans in the United States and the wicked politicians and church people (Deep State Church) throughout the world.

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  2. Richard: Schizophrenia is a good way to describe what is happening in the United States. Schizophrenia means “splitting of the mind”. We have a split nation: one camp follows the Lord, the other camp follows the devil: the Lord is separating the wheat from the chaff (of course, the Lord has been doing this for centuries, but now it is becoming much more pronounced and President Trump is the catalyst).

    About Iran and Syria: I believe either President Trump or the U.S. Military called in the airstrikes. As far as I know, Biden and Harris didn’t know it happened and had no control over the airstrikes.

    Biden is an Ahab, Harris is a Jezebel. Ahab was killed in battle (which means Biden will probably die soon–he already is brain-dead and politically non-existent); Jezebel was killed when her eunuchs threw her down from the porch and the horses trampled her to death (which means Democrats and the media will attack Harris and kill her politically–“Evil shall slay the wicked” Psalm 34:21). Jezebel also was eaten by dogs, which is a horrible way to die (this means that the extreme left wing (BLM & Antifa) will attack Harris (civil war in the Democrat camp)).

    When the Presence of God enters the devil worshipper’s camp there is always confusion: remember when Gideon attacked the Midianites? Gideon and his men smashed the jars with the torches and put the Midianites in horrible confusion and the Midianites began killing Midianites (Judges Chapter 7). The Presence of God is where the great work is done. If we stay in the Presence of God, Satan and his minions will be remain in confusion and eventually defeated.

    The U.S. Senate is a joke; the House of Representatives is ridiculous. The U.S. Supreme Court is compromised. The so-called government is not governing the nation. What is governing this split nation is the Lord, President Trump, the U.S. Military and the power of the Holy Ghost. The executive branch of the United States is not in Washington, DC but in Mar-a-lago, Florida.

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      • I read a variety of blogs and watch a number of videos. A lot of the information I get on government/politics comes from videos with Mark Taylor and Chris McDonald (The McFiles Network); they have access to a lot of information on what’s going on in our government and what the Lord is doing to expose the wicked in our government.

        When I first heard about the airstrikes on ISIS in Syria, I thought, why would Biden bomb ISIS? Then I saw a video with Mark Taylor and Chris McDonald; they saw the press conference and they said that Kamala Harris did not have a clue what was going on. Of course, Biden doesn’t even know what day it is.

        About the Supreme Court: Mark Taylor has been warning people for quite some time about the Supreme Court. I know that the Lord has set up our government, but if the government becomes corrupt, the Lord will have to do a big house cleaning. Somebody mentioned a while back that with all the fence and concertina wire around the U.S. Capitol and other buildings, maybe they could convert it all into a federal prison and relocate our seat of government someplace else. I really believe that Washington, DC has been cursed for many years–probably too much pedophilia, human trafficking, and abortion/human sacrifice.


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