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Further to my two-part consideration of Matthew 13’s parable of the wheat and tares being fulfilled relating to post-election events in the USA (and globally), a number of recent articles by Dianne Marshall are well-worth including in your weekend reading.

Please note that I’ve yet to read/watch in full but these are recommended on the grounds of the fact Dianne keeps her finger on the pulse of events behind the scenes.

A word of warning, however, the video details behind two Reports on human trafficking are exceptionally disturbing. So, I suggest you put the Cross and Blood of our Lord between yourself and the images of gross evil that people in highest places are conducting!

Reports Roughly in Chronological Sequence:

This Was Never About An Election

Human and Child-Trafficking Big Business

Truth Hangs In Limbo As The World Tries To Rewrite Today’s Historic Events

WHY Were Emergency Vehicles At The US Capitol Building 2nd Feb 2021

Time To Take A Deep Breath And Take A Little Ride

Good Morning Sidney Powell, Good Morning Juan

May the Lord be with you and keep you and yours…

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