Veronika West prophecy of ‘Joker, Queen and The King’s Stolen Crown’ coming to pass

Further to my first news of Veronika’s intriguing vision of a ‘circus and collapse of the clown’ (as published 16 Jan 2021, His Kingdom Prophecy) coming into fulfilment, here’s more this week. Here’s an extract from last night’s Eye-View From The White House:

Koenig’s Eye View By William Koenig – Week in Review (extract)

Biden’s mental capacity in question as Harris continues to call world leaders

There is no doubt that Biden is continuing to slip mentally. His daily schedule is not provided to us as it was with previous presidents. Kamala Harris in the last few weeks placed calls to Canada’s Prime Minster Trudeau, French President Macron, Australian Prime Minister Morrison, the director of WHO, Dr. Tedros, and this week spoke with Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate him on the vaccine rollout.

Veep Kamala Harris takes foreign calls on behalf of Biden – NY Post

Ignored by Fake News Media: Joe Biden Is Completely LOST in Texas Even with His Handler in tow

Gateway Pundit (video)

Joe Biden had another disastrous day Friday in Texas. Of course, the liberal media once again hid this from their audience. Biden traveled to Houston, Texas with his handler, Dr. Jill, but she couldn’t save Joe from his mid-stage dementia. Joe was confused and lost and even admitted it during his brief speech.

Biden team ‘has zero confidence’ that ‘absentee president’ can handle press conference, Concha suggests

Fox News

Joe Biden is showing himself to be an “absentee president” by not holding a solo press conference or scheduling an address to Congress despite having been in office for more than six weeks, Joe Concha told “America Reports” Thursday.

“I look at what President Biden said on January 14th where he said, as president-elect, he would address Congress ‘next month’, as in February,” said Concha, a Fox News contributor and The Hill media columnist. “And when White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about that, [she] said no promise was made that would happen, even though the president’s own words said they would.”

Biden’s immediate predecessor, Donald Trump, held his first news conference on Feb. 16, 2017, while Barack Obama held his first news conference on Feb. 9, 2009.


3 thoughts on “Veronika West prophecy of ‘Joker, Queen and The King’s Stolen Crown’ coming to pass

  1. Everyone knows who won the election and it isn’t biden; and those who don’t know or refuse to see are giving biden pass after pass, not investigating him or put him under scrutiny as they did DJT, as they know biden cannot hold up to any amount of scrutiny, and takes great gall to investigate Rudy for Ukraine ties and not biden. They hope to distract enough people and keep the false narrative going as long as they can. Father God we ask for your help to EXPOSE their corruption, compromise, ruse, wiles, devices, schemes, lies, deception, manipulation, and control by buying people and news corporations and politicians. Father, expose all those complicit in feeding people the fruit of lies.

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