Unconstitutional impeachment trial ends in acquittal!

After a grand standing of truth by Attorney Michael van der Veen, the votes scratched by as not guilty with a vote of not guilty as charged. Will there be an impeachment # 3 or will there be another action? Schumer and Pelosi have proven to be liars,  as all who took part in the impeachment sham, guilty now of perjury. What is the penalty for perjury? Will they all get a free pass or will they face prosecution? Removal from office is the least that should be done. […]

Unconstitutional impeachment trial ends in acquittal!

2 thoughts on “Unconstitutional impeachment trial ends in acquittal!

  1. Dear Richard

    Epoch Times seems to be doing a good job on the more fact reporting aspect of the Press and does have opinions that the Democrat will surely cringe over – that must give some hope.

    For instance Epoch Times reported that Van der Veem’s house had been attacked with graffiti and windows broken following the trial.

    Shalom, love & prayer Elaine


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