Think Trump is doomed? Let’s take another look – The Marshall Report

Does anyone think that the Trump team has sat back and just waited for 6 weeks to see what evidence the Dems and RHINOs were going to present and do no investigation of their own on the mess at the Capitol on January 6, 2021? How lame a thought is that, especially when President Trump was still acting President? We The People have compiled our own record of events and put our heads together immediately. We shared, got kicked off social media, shared some more, got kicked off some more, shared again. Found new platforms and shared again, and again, all the while digging deeper. If we have done this and found out what we have, imagine what one could learn by having access to all Capitol cameras, the ability to interrogate DC Police Officers, drill Capitol police and look at Nancy’s laptop along with all the other ones they confiscated? Those are just a few things they can do. […]


Am pleasantly surprised that Dianne Marshall’s summation reflects my suspicions of what may have been happening behind the scenes and likely action plan to avoid upheaval.

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