Coup d-etat accompli? Coded messages suggest Trump’s ‘sting operation’

Upon seeing this headline yesterday I thought, “Now it’s civil war – or martial law!”

On Thursday, the day after Wednesday’s violent disturbances inside the Capitol, President Trump promised to allow for an ‘orderly transition’ to Biden, but then said on Friday He Won’t Attend Biden’s Inauguration. Also yesterday, in a speech he declares his Supporters Will Have a ‘Giant Voice Long Into the Future’.

NOW, could these be coded messages indicating there will, of course, be a smooth ‘transition’ simply because his administration will continue to govern because Trump will remain in office, simply because there will be no inauguration of Joe Biden because of incriminating criminal evidence against his ‘democratic’ party.

Over four years I’ve noticed their continually attempted ‘soft coup’ to remove President Trump, which is seditious treason. Moreover, military intelligence and Donald Trump have been taking note and monitoring and – I’m not alone in this well-informed opinion – NOW their ‘sting’ operation could be complete and closing in on all the culprits!!


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