How to Look for Signs of Jesus Christ’s Return

Whilst singing the Noel Richards’ chorus “Come Lord Jesus” in a meeting, my wife was noticeably touched by the Holy Spirit and heard, “It’s sooner than you think!”. I submit, therefore, the importance of revisiting this blog’s strap-line ‘Looking for signs of Jesus’ return‘ and of being sure we really do know ‘how to look’ for Jesus’ Second Coming.

Therefore, I began a series of briefings on the End-Times, as foretold in the Bible, with the ‘Who, Why, When and What of Watching’, as previously published here. Additional insights plus briefings on the Book of Revelation by Neil Mackereth followed. He, too, is convinced of the urgency of our days. To my great delight the Lord brought unexpected confirmation through a few ‘God-incidences’ (see Footnote), including the cyclic aspect of the Briefings. For ease of reference, they can be read by clicking their titles below:


1st ‘Cycle’:

1 – The ‘Who?’ and ‘Why?’ of Watching

2 – The ‘When?’ of Watching > NOW!

3 – The ‘What?’ of Watching > Signs!

4 – Theologically “Watch” means…

5 – Expert’s Excitement – Few Know This…

6 – Pastor’s ‘Sign in the Sun’ Vision Warns of Coming Global Cataclysm

7 – New Ager Sees First Pieces of God’s ‘Jigsaw

2nd ‘Cycle’:

8 – Daniel and ‘The Wonderful Numberer’ Jesus Christ

9 – The Door of The Ages & Hourglass of the End-Time Harvest

10 – The Centre Line : Where Are We Now?

11 – An Introduction to The Book of Revelation

12 – An Overview of The Book of Revelation

13 – Contactless Payments and The Mark Of The Beast

14 – The Book of Revelation’s Importance – 10 Key Points

Maybe yet another Briefing, or even cycle?? (We have yet to refer to the Jewish people’s role in End-times!)


An ‘interlude’ was necessary after Briefing 7 to provide background reading for the next ‘cycle’ and specifically for Briefing 8; as well as one for those on the Book of Revelation:


The full content of this series hadn’t been planned in depth but published as and when possible. In fact, I’d wanted to publish Briefing 8 in its own right 6 months ago to follow Unlocking the Biblical Watch, and thus I thought of posting it immediately after the first ones on Watching. However, a few others popped into mind, especially the very recent account of Revd Christopher Wickland’s vision of the sign in the sun – as well as telling how the Lord got me ‘hooked to look’ before I became a Christian. So, the sequence would have appeared very differently to how it has actually turned out!

AND wot-a-laugh! On drafting Briefing 8 it seemed the Lord, or ‘Wonderful Number’ (!), began playing a game with me over the preceding personal Briefing 7. To appreciate what was happening dip into Amusing ‘Musical Jigsaw’ of End-Times Briefings as soon as convenient. It tells how the Briefings ended up being divided into two cycles and the relevance of musical staves to this apparent separation. (It’s only an ascension or going up a level to consider End-Times from another perspective.)

BUT >> I wasn’t expecting yet another ‘God-incidence’ to turn up!

I fully intended finishing the series by splitting the annexures to Neil’s Simplicity paper into segments. However, a personal observation occurred in connection with the Book of Revelation that would make a suitable follow-up to them, thus concluding the series. Yet that would make Neil’s 10 Key Points on the importance of that Book the 13th item; a rather unsuitable number in view of its popular significance. But instead, I could insert that ‘coincidental’ event as Briefing 13 because it’s a relevant example from that Book!

As with this post, last Friday’s was completed on Thursday and scheduled for automatic publication the next day. Only occasionally do I blog from Thursday to Monday, but upon awakening last Friday I was nudged to rework Briefing 13’s opening paragraph.

Only when that was completed did it dawn upon me that, by referring to ‘13th chapter of the Book of Revelation,’ I’d unintentionally made the paragraph MIRROR the post title’s actual number !!!! So of course, I changed the time of publication to 13:00 hours!


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