Back to Biblical Basics: direct Word on Jesus’ Return, and vision of Iran

At Tuesday morning’s coffee & cake meeting outside Haslemere, someone asked the worship leader to do some older songs. The first was new to me, but then came ‘These Are The Days of Elijah’ followed by Noel Richards’ famous song, so pertinent for today (courtesy paroles-musique):

“Great is the darkness
That covers the earth,
Oppression, injustice and pain.
Nations are slipping
In hopeless despair
Though many have come in Your name,
Watching while sanity dies,
Touched by the madness and lies.

[Chorus, verse 2 and chorus, then rejoicing in final verse:]

“Great celebrations
On that final day
When out of the heavens You come.
Darkness will vanish
All sorrow will end
And rulers will bow at Your throne,
Our great commission complete
Then face to face we shall meet:

Come Lord Jesus, come Lord Jesus,
Pour out Your Spirit we pray.
Come Lord Jesus, come Lord Jesus,
Pour out Your Spirit on us today.

Whilst singing the chorus I noticed Nina look at me, then sit down, take paper out of her handbag and jot a short phrase. Her expression and shaky stance told me she’s being touched by the Holy Spirit. Afterwards, she told me that in the chorus she distinctly heard the Lord whisper in her ear, and thus in block caps (black ink) notes His words,


Nina knows it’s not about any Revival but, as urged in the song, all about His Return.

+  +  +

I now ask, however, “Is that before, upon or after what we were soon to hear?”

The promise Nina heard becomes even more poignant by what the guest speakers from Elam Ministries reported on Christianity’s rapid growth through underground churches in Turkey and Iran, and thus moving rapidly towards the fulfillment of Jeremiah 49:34-39 – the Judgement of Elam (Persia/Iran)

[WOWEE, I’m getting a very strong sense of ‘deja vu’ in what I’m doing, as though the event, situation and what I’m blogging has already been done: but this confirms it’s all God’s Timing!!!]

“I will set My throne in Elam, And will destroy from there the king and the princes,” says the Lord. (Jer 49:39 NKJV)

It was awe-inspiring to hear a young lady pastor’s account of life in jail after her house church was raided and closed. Also, that only last week an ex-Muslim 14 years-old boy had a vision of mosques in Iran tumbling down and being replaced by churches!

Afterwards, I mentioned this strongly reminded me of the declaration I heard announced from heaven of the “Fall of Islam”, and of the lightning strike upon the Grand Temple in Mecca on 14th anniversary of the attack upon New York’s towers (as recounted here and linked herein respectively).

So the Lord’s pointing us back to what His Word says about His Return….(next posts).

7 thoughts on “Back to Biblical Basics: direct Word on Jesus’ Return, and vision of Iran

  1. I like this message very much. I believe the return is soon, as confirmed by the appearance and alignment of various signs and private visions, words, and dreams shared with the Church.
    -Preparation for the Temple is underway
    -Iran has emerged as an enemy of Israel, ready to take part in the Gog of Magog alliance
    -The Great Apostasy, if not underway, looks close to breaking out, awaiting the appearance of the Man of Sin
    -Israel is back in the land
    -Peace plans currently being discussed could be the basis of preliminary work for the peace that will be confirmed/strengthened by the prince who is to come
    -Many Christians, whether given prophetic visions or not, seem to intuit that the return is near
    -Turkey has emerged as an enemy of Israel, ready to lead the Gog of Magog alliance
    -The state of the planet may be indicative of the natural disasters that are visited upon the earth as the wrath of God (Trumpets and Bowls)
    -Technological advances may be used in the Mark of the Beast system, to animate the image of the Beast, and to perform false miracles (False Prophet)

    Any others that I have missed?

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    • Many thanks Nicholas and we’re now at a good place to focus on these matters as Keith Mackereth has permitted me to use his recent summary overview next. Have been wanting to compile upto date check-list for some years but need extra time for that (please Lord). For now, men’s semi-finals have just started at Wimbledon!

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  2. I’ve been getting words about looking up, lift up your heads that the king of glory may come in, and not to be afraid, and heard heaven singing over us whilst reading the beginning of psalm 24 one morning last week when God reminded me that the earth belongs to God and that it was obvious that something amazing was being proclaimed from above over us.

    psalm 91 is a big promise at the moment about it all, to not worry. I am also getting clear words about God being so excited about what he is about to do and to have faith. I’m getting loads and loads of Gods promises about his protection and his deep love for me at the moment.

    I also had a dream a couple of months ago which may or may not be relevant, you decide:
    I saw a building that represents money and status and well being on a hill, then I heard a two minute shouted warning of “the sand is coming” then I saw this wave of sand come and completely burry the building. I felt that what I was watching was judgement. It was shocking to see it happen, I was glad I only watched it happen and wasn’t caught up in it.

    In this buildings car park there were cars parked (ministries?) I saw a really cute toy car one red in colour so I went to play with it but the ground beneath it became sinking sand and it disappeared under the sand even though it had looked originally like it had been stood on concrete. So looks to me like anything not built on the rock was going!

    Next I saw lots of Christians and there were lots of tents and it looked like a jobs Faye. I knew these believers had been displaced due to the desert that had come in the form of sand. I went with one of the ladies I met and she had a removal van (relocation ministry?), but God is warning me not to get into that ministry van as the people making up the ministry were worldly they thought they needed to take loads of stuff with them as they didn’t know to trust God to provide, as I got in the cab at the front of the van there was a non Christian who had been brought along who was a relative of the lady and he was a very bad man and they couldn’t see it, so I pray I have the faith to say no if that happens as seen in the dream as God obviously doesn’t want me involved with them.

    Discernment is very important for the year 2020 being able to see things through heavens eyes is very important, seeing things as they really are and not how others would have us see them basically.

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    • I like this comment.

      This fits well with Veronika West’s recent prophecy that seems to mean the end of the prosperity gospel televangelists etc. I really dislike the prosperity gospel and other means by which vulnerable Christians and others have been fleeced over the years.

      I believe that Christian workers are worthy of their pay, but this needs to be understood in relation to a given set of facts. I personally prefer a model of ministry along Saint Paul’s tent-making lines, in which a Christian worker has a “secular” job to cover his expenses, and doesn’t charge the church for delivering sermons etc. I do think it is reasonable for a church to cover expenses of things like photocopies of sermons or attendance at church conferences etc, where these are necessary.

      If you haven’t read it already, you may be interested in Samuel Whitefield’s book, “It must be finished.”

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