Love London – Friday July 12th, 2019

Notable that our ‘Keep Praying & Bless’ cycle (since 2012) closed yesterday with Day 70 – The City of London, ‘coinciding’ with Suzanne’s posted Declaration for the same location. Note her update therein for tomorrow’s event for your info:

‘LOVE LONDON: Thank you to everyone, individuals and churches, who will be standing with London on Friday, July 12th. If you have already downloaded the declarations, please note that we updated them on Friday 5tth, please check you have the latest version.

‘This was not part of the original plan, but God has made it clear that we need to gather to worship ourselves and we will therefore be meeting at the Wembley Christian Centre; Carlton Ave E; HA9 8LX; between 7.30pm and 10pm. Steve Abley will be leading us, and I believe God has given me something quite specific to release that night – please do consider coming!!’

Call The Nation To Prayer

CTNTP is pleased to promote this initiative organised by our Team Member and Leader of Passion for the Nation, Suzanne Ferrett:

Love London 120719

A day to pray, worship and very specifically make declarations on the hour, every hour from 6am – 6pm;  in homes, streets or workplaces on behalf of London.

We are aware of the challenges that face so many of our cities at this time but underneath the shaking and the issues, God is at work. He shakes things, so that something else can be established and there is tremendous potential at the moment for an outpouring of His Spirit into our land  to touch people with His mercy and kindness, drawing them to salvation. However, alongside He is also working to re-establish righteousness, justice, mercy and truth within our culture, from Government & institutions to every aspect of society. While these things are national, I  believe this is a…

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