Prayer for Protection: Regent’s Park festival – a warning plus reassurance

Leisa Ebere emails me yesterday with an urgent request for intercessory action, as well as a most interesting word from the Lord that may relate to the 1992 vision of an ‘atomic glory bomb’, as revealed on its 27th anniversary, and elsewhere. Leisa writes,

‘I’ve had two Park Revelations, one a Vision and the other a direct Word of Knowledge calling people to pray for the Regent’s Park Music Festival on 14 July 2019. Please can you post these asap. As I believe these are both warnings & assurances from the Lord? Thank you so much, Leisa 🔥🙏✝️

‘Here they are:

‘Dear People of God, I have had a strong sensing from the Lord today, 10 July 2019, there is a huge ‘plan of violence’ being premeditated to be carried out at the Regent’s Park Music Festival on the 14th of July in London. Please be interceding for protection of innocent people and bind the strong man of terrorism and violence in the Name of Jesus. Let God Arise and His Enemies be Scattered.’

‘Thank you, Leisa E.


given to Leisa Ebere, July 6, 2019

‘I was walking in a large park with trees and I was on a running track and I knew there were wolves in the woods of the park and all around me. Then the Lord Jesus appeared and took my hand and said: “Be at peace now, for you cannot do this without me; but now that I have come, all will be well.”

Then I heard snarling and growls all around me and Jesus took my hand and held it and looked into my eyes and said, “Though they exist they shall never consume you, for as long as we walk together, they cannot cross the line.” I asked the Lord: ‘What line Lord?’ “The Line of demarcation,” said the Lord, “the boundaries have been set and the Glory Cloud has come.”

‘Then the Lord went into further explanation and said:

“I have always fixed boundaries since Ancient times and now My Spirit is being poured out upon My Sons & Daughters to take back what is rightfully theirs. People must understand the reality of Godly order for protection of My Sheep must be of great importance as the times and seasons become darker in the days ahead. My Child, the Glory Cloud has come,” said the Lord of Hosts.’

Leisa Ebere, 10th July 2019 – Torchlighters International Ministry

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