End-Times Briefing 9: Hourglass of End-time harvest – Veronica West

Late yesterday afternoon Veronika posted this on her ministry Facebook. Upon reading it Neil Mackereth, author of SIGNS: The Significance of Bible Prophecy reacted,

“That is very powerful indeed…I also had clear direction that the time of allowing the wheat and the tares to grow together is about to end – the harvest of separation is about to begin.”

I reminded him of my hearing “This is ALL about to be fulfilled!” upon opening my Bible to re-read Matthew 13’s parable of the wheat and tares harvest – see Briefing 1, Why? and The End-game Is Now In Play (we were soon to become good friends).

Here’s Veronika’s Facebook version and this published on His Kingdom Prophecy:


Last night I had a powerful dream that I would like to share for the purpose of Prayer.

This dream was incredibly complex and so I will do my best to describe what I saw, heard and felt in the dream. So please bare with me as I try to share and interpret what I saw, and what I believe The LORD is revealing.

As I woke from the dream in the early hours of the morning, I immediately began to draw what I saw in the dream (see pictures below).

This dream came with such an urgency of the times and the need to begin to cry out for the nations of the earth who are in the valley of decision.

I believe this dream speaks to the 11th hour. A kairos time in the earth. An appointed time of The End-time Harvest!

For an eternity without Christ is an eternity of damnation and darkness…!

In this dream I was caught up in The Realm of The Spirit where I could see the globe of the earth. And yet at the same time, I could see all the nations of the earth laid out before me like a map.

As if in three dimensional vision, I could also see the boundaries of the many nations and the different people of those nations, but as I looked at the globe of the earth, suddenly a large clock appeared before me and I could hear the sound of ‘ticking” in The Realm of The Spirit.

The deep sound of ticking, seemed to penetrate my innermost being, which caused a great urgency to rise up within me, (an urgency that time was running out) and then I heard these words,

“The Clock of Creation. Time and Eternity.”

As I heard those Words, suddenly I saw what looked like a heavy Golden Revolving Door that sat at the centre of The Clock (the type of revolving doors you would see at the entrance way of a large hotel or even a hospital, the type of door that has multiple entryways).

As I looked at the heavy Golden Revolving Door, I heard these words,

“The Golden Revolving Door of The Ages and of Eternal Destiny.”

I could clearly see the three hands of The Clock, the second hand, the minute hand and hour hand. The time on The Clock read 11:55, and between the minute hand which sat at (11) and the hour hand which sat at the (12) there was an “entry-way”.

Then I heard these words,

“Grace! Grace! Grace! Grace! Grace! For these are the days of My Grace, come! Enter in… For now is the time for a great Harvest is at hand.”

Five times I heard the word “Grace!” and then I heard again the loud sound of ticking which echoed in The Realm of The Spirit.

My eyes were drawn to the second-hand on The Clock, which was moving around the face of The Clock with great momentum, and then suddenly, my eyes were drawn to the centre of The Clock and a Golden Hourglass appeared over the face of The Clock..

I heard these words,

“The Hourglass of the End-time Harvest”.

As I looked at The Golden Hourglass, I saw that the top of the Hourglass was narrow and the bottom of the Hourglass was wide…and… I could see the sands of the Hourglass falling.

Then suddenly I saw Jesus and a multitude of Angels standing at the centre of the Hourglass and His Face was turned towards the “doorway/entry point” of The Golden Revolving Door and the nations of the earth were standing on the threshold of the entryway.

I saw the right hand of Jesus lift up and He was knocking. Then suddenly my eyes were drawn back again to the small second hand of The Clock, which was still moving very fast.

I felt again such an urgency in my spirit, as I could see that as the small second hand moved, so the minute hand was moving and the entryway of The Golden Revolving Door was getting smaller and the top of the Hourglass was getting narrower.

At that point in the dream I began to cry out for ‘mercy’ for the nations which had not yet entered through The Golden Revolving Door…

And as I cried out… suddenly, I saw what looked like (5) Archangels of The LORD, each one standing at different markers on The Clock…different ‘entry points’ of The Golden Revolving Door (which I knew by revelation represented different times in history).

Then I heard these words,

“Angels of Awakening. The Guardians of past great Revivals and Awakenings on the earth”.

As I looked at the first Angel, I saw the time 17:30’ come up before me and I knew immediately that the time represented the ‘year 1730’ which was the start of the ‘First Great Awakening’.

As I looked at the Archangel of Awakening, I saw a blazing sword of Fire in his hand and the angel stood guard at the entry point of that time… and the doorway was ‘sealed shut’ by a wall of fire!

Then I saw the time 18:20 come up before me. Again I knew that the time represented another time of a great spiritual awakening in the earth, the ‘year 1820’ was the beginning of the ’Second Great Awakening.’

Just like I saw with the First Great Awakening, I could see a second Archangel of The LORD standing guard at the entry point of that time in history and with a blazing sword of Fire in his hand and the doorway to that era was ‘sealed shut’.

Now as I kept watching and listening in the dream, the time and numbers 1875, the year of the ‘Third Great Awakening’ also came up before me, and then ‘1906, ‘The Azusa Street Revival’ and then 1910, the beginning of the ‘Twentieth Century Revival’.

As each of these specific times in history came up before me, I watched as the heavy Golden Revolving Door would move and the time on The Clock would change and the sands of The Golden Hourglass would fall.

As I watched, each great awakening come and go, I saw Archangels of Awakening being stationed at each entry point and a wall of Fire would seal shut that time in history!

But then the dream shifted again and my eyes were drawn away from the past times of great awakening which were now sealed off by a wall of fire.

As my eyes were drawn back to the time on The Clock and I heard these words,

“The 11th hour Harvest is here…. And the Reapers are Angels!”

As I heard those words in the dream, suddenly I saw again Jesus and the multitude of Angels who were standing at the (centre of The Clock, at the centre of The Golden Revolving Door and the centre of golden Hourglass) and I heard these words,

”Prepare! Prepare, for I stand at the door and knock, for the time is short. Watch! For the 11th hour Harvesters are now being released onto the earth.”

As I heard those words, I saw the multitude of Angels who were standing with Jesus, being released into the nations and I saw they were carrying golden sickles in their hands.

I watched as The Angels of The Harvest went forth upon the nations, and then I saw the Sons and Daughters of God begin to rise up within the nations and they began to co-labour with The Angels of The Harvest.

I watched as multitudes of people from every tribe, tongue and nation across the earth, who had been standing in The Valley of Decision and on The Threshold of The Entryway of The Golden Revolving Door, begin to enter in and cross over to the other side.

I could see the sands of The Golden Hourglass beginning to fall with an even greater acceleration, as both ‘time’ was being accelerated and ‘heaven’ was being populated.

As I watched The Angels of The Harvest and the Sons and Daughters of God moving together across the harvest fields of the nations, the sound of the ticking clock seemed to be growing louder and louder with every passing second.

Then suddenly I heard these Words,

“Watch and Pray! For but a little while longer The Golden Revolving Door of The Ages and of Eternal Destiny stands open before the nations.
“As the days of My Grace and Mercy are poured out upon the nations, watch! For the time is here, for the 11th Hour Harvesters will herald the birthing of a new great awakening on the earth!”

PS – A few things to ponder and pray!

As I woke from this dream, I began to write and draw everything I saw and heard in the dream!

While meditating over this dream, a few things that really struck me as powerfully significant in the dream.

The first was the repeating of the number five (5) and the mention of God’s Grace… Grace, Grace, these are The Days of Grace!

Another amazing aspect of the dream highlighted to me were the five Archangels of Awakening and how they stood as guardians over the past awakenings and how a wall of fire sealed off those different era’s of awakening.

I felt as I prayed over this aspect of the dream, The Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart that while the past awakenings were incredibly powerful and amazing in their time, what God is about to do in this ‘new era and great awakening’ in the earth will look nothing like the past revivals, and that heaven is about to do a new thing in the earth — ‘that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard and minds have not imagined’!

Again and again, the urgency of time in the dream was impressed upon me.

The time is now! The time is short! There is an supernatural acceleration taking place over time!

This certainly kept getting stronger and stronger in the dream…

The Golden Revolving Door of The Ages and of Eternal Destiny is closing…. The 11th Hour Harvest is now upon us…

The nations are standing in The Valley of Decision, standing on the threshold

As Sons and Daughters we must arise and begin to co-labour with The Angels of The Harvest for this is a kairos time… an appointed time of harvest on the earth….

No more delay!

Veronika West, 24th June 2020

For an  inspired interpretation of the dream’s significance click next >

I’m reminded of: El Shaddai Publications, 2001.

14 thoughts on “End-Times Briefing 9: Hourglass of End-time harvest – Veronica West

  1. Hello Richard. For some reason, something in my spirit just doesn’t feel right with this word.

    Do you know any super accurate* small, local prophets who don’t read much national prophecy and can discern it for you?

    *By ‘super accurate’ I mean people who say things like ‘God will heal your brothers bones’ to a total stranger then it turns out the brother had bone cancer. That type of word of knowledge.


    • I enjoy reading prophecy but don’t tend to remember most of it. However, one stuck in my head from Emma Stark last year where she talked of 2020 being a year where something is going to happen on a global scale that will cause many people to stop and think.

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    • Sorry for delay in replying and I’ve known that gifting occur on various occasions whenever a person is led by Holy Spirit eg when Dr Sharon Stone, Emma Stark or Christopher Bird happen to prophesy direct to someone in a meeting. It’s not so frequent without the usual public meetings but does happen virtually too and I’ll forward an email to you that may be of interest.
      Of course receiving a prophecy may require recipient to act upon personal issues and deal with as necessary, which may require the help of prayer counsellors who listen to Holy Spirit during healing and deliverance ministry.

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  2. This verse comes to mind as we continue to await the Great Harvest
    “The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness, He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance”
    2 Peter 3:9. 

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  3. Thank you Brother Abel for this word. I received a song about “The 11th Hour of His Power!” from The Lord. He is wanting us to come into our divinely appointed position and play our part. He is watching over His Word to perform it, however, He wants His Bride to play her part. Satan is accusing The Bride of negligence and unfaithfulness. The judgements are weighty against the nations. However, the prayers of the Saints are in the balance and preventing the alteration of the times and seasons to delay the horses from riding as in Revelation 6. We must pray to The Lord of the harvest that He will send labourers into the harvest and that He will create in His Bride a steadfast and willing spirit to be sent. This is the song:

    Ahhh! Jesus, Ha le lu Yah! Your Bride is calling to Yah!
    She is yearning to be held in your arms.
    Come pour out your loving, living waters…
    Come fill her heart with your truths
    and renew Her Youth.

    Come anoint Her with joy, the oil of Your holiness.
    Then let Her see Your love-lights streaming…
    At the time for Her to be clothed in glories
    Take Her up on that Highway of Holiness
    Taker her up on that highway of holiness
    Atop Your Holy Tel….
    Then we will hear the dell of your angels
    ringing in “Another Promise Kept!…”
    When Your Bride weds!

    Then You will answer the call of Your Saints to be
    willing in the day of Your Power…
    To FILL them By Your MIght
    in the 11th Hour! In The 11th Hour!

    Aaah! Jesus Ha le lu Yah! Your Bride is calling to Yah!
    Come pour out your living, loving waters,
    and fill Her with your truth
    and renew Her Youth. The 11th Hour….The 11th Hour….The 11th Hour!
    POWER IN THE 11TH HOUR SONG LYRICS: 2012 Copyright Mary Dullforce for Selah Marayah Music 2012
    LINK to Track: https://electricspiceselkie.bandcamp.com/track/power-in-the-11th-hour

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  4. The Lord reminded me that the scripture quoted in part by Veronica is even more momentous in it’s entirety, especially in relation to how God speaks to His Prophets. “But as it is written:

    “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
    Nor have entered into the heart of man
    The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”
    “But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.” ~1 Corinthians 2:9-10

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  5. Richard,
    I feel silly telling this it sounds like a made up story.
    For some reason I asked my sister to get the old clock out of the garage
    I got it in the UK when I lived there, I was told it was a utility clock made during the war, not sure which one.
    When we got it inside the whole thing collapsed, the top fell off and the sides, like an explosion.
    I looked at the clock face, actually not thinking anything of it, but the big hand was near 12 and the small hand was on 7.
    I know the seventh month was about to finish. The Lord has said recently “time is short”
    This ties in with V.W.prophecy and wonderful song.
    I felt the clock exploded to make me look it or I might have missed it.
    Praise the I AM.

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    • ACE confirmation Alex, similar to what others have sensed and my wife heard last year; and symbolic of all that’s happening. Noteworthy that it came from UK at time of Churchill’s premiership and that current PM is an admirer of him. So there’s lots more in this event than meets the eye but may be seen with spiritual eyes.
      Thank and bless you…

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