Humiliating muddle of mixed messages re. face masks (F/P #165.3)

Yet again Prime Minister Johnson has shut the stable door after the horse has bolted!

With deaths in the UK now at the lowest since lock-down began in late March and then after its easing, as well as over the weekend, the government and scientists have been giving mixed messages about wearing masks and creating confusion. We’re told that ‘experts’ (like those who overestimated the scale of the ‘Chinese flu’ pandemic) expect another wave of coronavirus infections.

So ‘Bojo’ should be eating the ‘sombrero’ he wanted to stamp down (ie. peaked graph of outbreak of infections) because we’re now back into its brim of very low numbers – yet he now insists upon mandatory imposition of wearing masks in shops to protect others from the exhalation of possibly pathogenic aerosol particles.  BUT, masks are known – and demonstrably proven – to put the wearer’s own health at risk by increasing carbon dioxide levels with the consequential undesirable effects of oxygen deprivation!

CDC is a major operational arm of US Dept for Health & Human Services

As hinted by not a few writers, this implies we’re now into experimentation in controlling the population. The ‘thin end of the wedge’ is being driven further in for introducing and preparing people for the Mark of the Beast, as in Briefing 13.

Furthermore, it’s all another indication of November’s prophecy about the institutional and financial humiliation of Britain coming to pass (Fulfilled Prophecy #165.3)

On behalf of Canadian authorities, Drs Joseph Hickey and Dan Rancourt of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association have made scholarly representations to the Director General of the World Health Organisation to again reverse its recommendation of using masks.

I’ve read Dr Rancourt’s other paper in which he cites two dozen pre-Covid-19 studies supporting his claim Masks Don’t Work.  He’s formerly a professor at the University of Ottawa, and so I enquired of my science contact there, who responded:

“There are 2 sides to the science, which is unfortunately confusing (and)

  1. This is not a peer-reviewed publication. So it is not as reliable.
  2. Evidence used is for respiratory illness, not covid or coronavirus specifically.
  3. Humidity factor does not seem to be playing out in Southern USA, where Florida is having a second wave.”

In today’s Telegraph, science editor Sarah Knapton brings an up-to-date report and, like Dr Rancourt, refers to randomised control trials (RCTs) in her considerations in Do masks work? Here’s what the science says..

Next, we’ll look at further news regarding this man-made virus…

PS: Posted Wed 15th on Spirit Body Soul

Police Federation: ‘Unrealistic and unfair” to expect police to enforce face coverings in shops.

8 thoughts on “Humiliating muddle of mixed messages re. face masks (F/P #165.3)

  1. Whoever wrote this article, & I cannot believe it was Richard, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Is this Richard’s Watch or The Guardian?? This kind of left wing politics should not be allowed on this wonderful site.
    If you don’t like masks you sure wont like a ventilator!
    Remember Jennifer’s ‘Chair of Churchill’.


    • It’s not politics Christine but a matter of principle!
      I have to say I take exception to your tone and closing comment, noting they contrast strongly with your appreciation. Remember, Jesus tells us to take the plank out of our own eyes b4 trying to take the speck out of others’…

      Whilst we had to be ‘shielding’ on Govt’ direct orders, a youngish worship leader we knew spent weeks on a ventilator here, as did others of his family on other continents. His widow was alone at his funeral and their orphaned teenage daughter has cystic fybrosis. One of our neighbours was deeply distraught at being unable to attend and say farewell to her elderly father as the virus took his life in hospital…


  2. And then there is the following on the BBC website today:
    It says:
    “Mr Hancock said face coverings helped prevent spread during short interactions with strangers, but that social distancing and hand washing were more effective for contact with people over long periods of time.
    There is a difference between visiting a shop for a few minutes and working alongside colleagues at a desk for several hours, he told BBC Breakfast.
    “When you’re in close proximity with somebody that you have to work closely to, if you’re there for a long time with them, then a mask doesn’t offer that protection.””
    So Mr Hancock states that you need more protection for short encounters with people than for long encounters. Thus effectively saying that he believes that masks are useless in preventing infection.
    I am wondering about printing off a few copies of this page to pull out if challenged for not wearing a mask. I am also using it as a “gobbledygook” exercise!

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    • Thank you Aspiedent and this morning the confusion within gov’t appears rampant and muddled beyond belief. At the close of today’s ‘Confusion over face masks as Downing St contradicts Matt Hancock over food shop exemption’ the author gives PM’s response:

      ‘Mr Johnson told The Telegraph: “I think it is more about trying to reassure those scared witless people that it is safe to go outside, it’s safe to go to shops.

      “I think it acts as a constant reminder to everyone that this disease is taking over our lives and it continues to reinforce the obsession and hypochondria around one single illness to the detriment of every other aspect of life.”

      This clearly implies the satanic origin of this attack upon society, which has come as a consequence of our rebellion against God and thus removing us from His protective blessing. I pray the Lord speaks to Bojo direct about the demonic spirit of fear behind it all, AND that he gets competent. anointed direction from one of the very few Christian leaders who knows how to deal with it and lead him as nation’s political leader in repentance.


      • I am again deeply shocked at the current left-wing opposition to our elected government. Why are you using this great website ‘Richard’s Watch’ as a platform for your political views? The Lord led Boris Johnson last year re. Brexit against the truly demonic EU & has brought us out.
        Why are you making so much of this mask issue? I am truly concerned for yourself. Do you not recall the posts re ‘Chair of Churchill’ last year and the positive prophesies re. Boris Johnson & our new government?
        Have faith & trust the Lord please.


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