1 o’clock News-blog: Italy begins turning against EU (F/P #13:21)

Further to the 1 o’clock News-blog of a fortnight ago on the EU turning against rebels and leaders in ‘financial crisis on steroids’, Bloomberg’s Business Day in Zambia asks Could Covid-19 see a break-up of the EU? Italy thinks so (published 21st April).

First, the institution turns against its national leaders. Now, its ‘foundational’ state is beginning to turn against the EU – so the bloc is now turning in against itself!!

This report by John Follain and Byand Alessandra Migliaccio, presumably penned in the country’s capital, carries the strap-line: ‘Italy has long been critical of the bloc, but still expected the EU would come to its aid as the coronavirus struck; it was wrong’

In alerting me, watcher Roger Jervois in South Africa says its “Worth a look…the last few paragraphs are very telling… “snakes and jackals”!

The report opens (emphases mine):

‘Rome — The foundations for the EU were laid six decades ago in Rome and some officials in the Eternal City are starting to think they might just be seeing the beginning of its break-up.

‘After Boris Johnson and the Brexiteers laid to rest the carefully cultivated myth of the EU’s irreversibility, Europhiles argued that Britain was a special case, an island nation that could never fully commit to the continent. It’s different when Italy turns against you.

‘The bloc’s third-largest economy has flirted with Euro-scepticsm before as it railed against budget rules or struggled to cope with successive waves of refugees heading north from Africa. But when Covid-19 struck Lombardy, Italians still expected Europe would come to their aid with no questions asked.

‘Instead, what they think they got was fine print and a cold shoulder…’

The authors conclude:

‘Too little too late

‘But they hate the way it’s been done.

‘They remember that moment in February when the Carnival of Venice was canceled, the coronavirus was spreading through Italy’s prosperous heartland and the rest of Europe turned its back.

‘Germany and France banned the export of face masks and gloves. Other partners imposed border controls. Lagarde at the ECB triggered a historic sell-off in Italian (and European) markets and the Dutch finance minister Wopke Hoekstra revived the arguments of the debt crisis, managing to imply that Italy was to blame for its plight.

‘Those policy settings have all been adjusted since then as it became apparent that Italy has been the victim of a global pandemic. European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen even offered an apology for not “being there”.

‘But the damage was done. And it’s not hard to imagine how things unravel further from here.

‘Conte governs at the head of an unstable coalition led by the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and the establishment Democratic Party that only came together last year to keep out their mutual foe, Matteo Salvini of the right-wing populist League.

‘The League is the most popular party in Italy, now leading the Democrats by about eight percentage points and Salvini is waiting for another chance to seize power.

‘In the past, he has toyed with the idea of ditching the euro. But as he rose to national prominence he read the mood of the country and went out of his way to play that down.

‘Not any more.

“This isn’t a ‘union,’ Fiv” Salvini said on March 27. “This is a nest of snakes and jackals.” Then he set out his pitch to Italians. “First we defeat the virus, then we have a rethink about Europe. If it helps, we say goodbye. Without even a thank you.”


Previous postings tracking fulfillment of David Noakes’ prophecy of the fall of the EU (published on 17 November 2015). (See also the couple of dozen prophecies of Brexit, especially item 12 “Then Europe imploded on itself, as if it was in tatters“):

7 thoughts on “1 o’clock News-blog: Italy begins turning against EU (F/P #13:21)

  1. Praise God that we might be seeing the beginning of the ice-bloc breaking up, (as seen in a previous Word). Under pressure we see the true colours of the EU project. We pray freedom for our fellow nations, to allow us all, individually or corporately, to answer God’s present call to come back to Him.

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  2. Praise God indeed. I am so relieved the UK voted to leave this monstrous project. It’s never been the “Common Market” which we voted to stay in 1975. It’s been a Power Seeking monstrosity for decades. The 2nd Roman Empire which is now in the process of being brought down. I pray that Italy has the courage to leave with Spain following along with Poland and then the whole House of Cards will fall. May The Lord’s Will be done in our times.


    • Hello Moira,
      I suppose for the countries you name the money handed out is too good to resist. Some of the nations who use the Euro have accumulated massive debt with Germany and the other northern countries. They could not do it with the UK, because they have to pay the UK in £ or $. The clearing system for the Euro the ECB had constructed , means no money changes hands from buyer to vendor and there is no mechanism to enforce the repayment. Italy is said she has enough gold to pay, but I suppose if or when they walk out- if they can afford to go – they would ignore the issue totally and leave the burden for the German taxpayer. Italy and other Mediterranien countries are financially weaker because of how they run their countries This is the reason why the UK never contemplated to join the Euro: you cannot have a single currency if there are no single standards politically, economically and culturally.. Italy has an NHS, In Germany and Austria e.g there is compulsary Health Insurance and the Health system is by and largely funded by the insured, and it is not cheap, The Austrian service is not so expensive for the insured, because in effect they have an NHS as well . France and Italy aparently do not have the same ratio of ICU beds to 100000 people as Germany and Austria. None of the countries had prepared for such a threat to the health of its people, no one had enough eg protective clothing and masks for themselves. Some dimwitted politicians had made generous donations to China earlier in the winter. Germany took patients for intensive care!
      We all agree that the EU is not a godly organisation: the founding fathers were communists, as far as I know Italians ( search for the ‘Ventotene Manifesto’). The authors envisaged that the European nations had to be in effect ruined and destroyed, before communists could take over and create a unified Europe. We see them busy at work. I would only want to say, that also today Italy has her fair share of snakes and jakals in power, Anecdotally, in Rome the treaties were signed and later the ‘Club of Rome ‘ ( together with US American intellectuals around the same time ) introduced Green Politics for the same reason. The idea to use ‘Oecology’ to manipulate the masses further to turn people into blind and dumb creatures. They have been ‘ very good ‘ at it have by no means finished.. They also are behind the mass migrations from the Islamic world into our beautiful countries. Do you remember Tony Blair’s part in this and the Labour Party?

      PS: There have been only three Holy Roman Empires of German Nation ( this is the title ) since Charles the Great was crowned its first emperor on 25.Dec ( do you notice that date?) 800 AD. The second Empire was after Napoleon had in effect wiped the remains of this old institution off the map and the House of Habsburg with its dominions became the successor. They had carried the crown anyway for a few hundred years. The third Empire was not holy and lasted from 1933 to 1945. The EU is evil , much more cleverly contructed and hidden from daylight although if someone cares, everything is there to read and listen to.

      Sorry for this lengthy text, but I feel with all the shortcomings of my country of origin it still deserves a defense. Germans and the other European nations apart from Switzerland do not have the benefit of traditions of freedom. As much as I dislike some people I see around me, their ignorance and immaturity defines them and the powers that are.

      The Lord’s Will will be done in our time.
      A lot of Houses of Cards will fall, not only the EU.

      Best wishes and may God always be with you.


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  3. Richard,
    NZ is in a similar position to Italy where the most popular party “National” does not rule
    But a coalition.
    This has enabled them to force their liberal,ideology on the people.
    Plus the media are in cohorts with this with only one newspaper in our major city Auckland
    Apart from a Sunday one which is also left.
    Jacinda Ardern wins plaudits from Piers Morgan,but if he lived here he would see the true situation.
    Praise the I AM.


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