First Brexit and now pandemic, deepens cracks and splits the EU (FP #13.19)

Further to the 18th report upon progress of the David Noakes’ prophecy on the EU’s fall (per Fulfilled Prophecy #13), EU’s Foreign Policy at the Heart of its Eventual Fall, it’s now time to update readers on recent developments with some opening or pertinent paragraphs. The links tell the full story…

Our watcher in South Africa, Roger Jervois, emailed me back in February, “Hi Richard,  Have you seen this? Very candid…‘Fighting like ferrets in a bag’ as EU tries to plug Brexit cash hole,” –

‘The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union has left a huge €75bn (£62bn) hole in the bloc’s budget for the next seven years, 2021 to 2027. “And now we are fighting like ferrets in a sack,” said one EU diplomat with a sigh…Budget discussions in Brussels are always rancorous affairs. But this one is of a different order: everyone will have to pay more. No one wants to. EU capitals are bristling for a fight when they come to Brussels on Thursday for day one. Ominously for the diplomatic corps, an end date for the summit has not been fixed, but four days of talking are on the cards…’

A fortnight ago Telegraph columnist Con Coughlin reports The Continent’s response to coronavirus proves that European ‘solidarity’ has always been a sham:,

‘True to form, the (EU’s) unconvincing response to the coronavirus  pandemic has demonstrated that, when it comes to dealing with a crisis of truly global proportions, Brussels is little more than a liability, especially when it comes to protecting the interests of its member states.

‘As the first country to feel the full force of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, Italy had every right to expect its EU partners to do everything in their power to ease the crisis. It was to this end that Rome made the relatively modest request for other member states to provide it with vital medical supplies, from face masks to breathing equipment…’

On Sunday international business editor Ambrose Evans-Pritchard flagged up that EU project is in ‘mortal danger’ if Italy and Spain are abandoned and today James Crisp, their Brussels correspondent, asks Will the coronavirus crisis tear the EU apart? (emphases added):

‘The coronavirus pandemic has ripped away the EU’s mask of unity and now poses an existential threat to the European Project. Faced with the crisis, the EU’s member states have turned on each other and reopened the crudely sutured wounds of the financial crisis.

‘Then, as now, northern eurozone countries are being asked to bail out poorer, southern countries, who bridle against the north’s lectures on financial housekeeping. 

The infighting was brutal enough to convince Jacques Delors, the former European Commission president and architect of the euro, to intervene. The 94-year-old made a rare public warning that the lack of solidarity in the face of the virus posed a “mortal danger” to the EU

The EU’s initial reaction to the crisis, which has proved more divisive than Brexit, was poor. 

Italy used the EU’s civil protection mechanism to put out an urgent call for face masks. No EU country volunteered to help before China stepped in with aid

Germany banned the export of medical equipment, even to fellow EU countries. Border controls were reintroduced in the bloc’s passport-free Schengen Zone. 

But it is the issue of “coronabonds” that has laid bare the mutual distrust between EU countries…’

2 thoughts on “First Brexit and now pandemic, deepens cracks and splits the EU (FP #13.19)

  1. As always, God’s timing is perfect! I am particularly struck by the significance of our having left the EU before Covid-19 took centre stage. The first UK cases were in York, reported on 31 January: yes, the very day we left. If we had still been in the EU, I believe it would have become increasingly difficult to leave. There is a very clear trail of unexpected outcomes over the last 10 years that show (to those with eyes to see and ears to hear), God’s hand on our Nation. I am keeping a log of the events that have confounded the pundits. There is a danger of our quickly forgetting the amazing (miraculous?) steps on the journey that God is taking us as a Nation (Exodus revisited!). The grace of God is awesome and overwhelming!

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