Bible Update: ‘Gog-Magog’ game-changing event on Israel’s border

This morning’s news brings a reminder, in the midst of the current political upheavals, of what Bible prophecy points to: an almighty battle near the Mount of Megiddo, otherwise known in Greek as ‘Armageddon’!

In the previous update we heard about Russia and China’s increasing influence in Africa and noted publication of a most comprehensive US Congressional testimony entitled “Moscow in the Middle East and North Africa” documenting Russia’s active, aggressive and shrewd alignment with the nations of Ezekiel, chapters 38-39. Now comes this development:

DebkaFile reports Russia lets Hezbollah-Iranian forces redeploy opposite Syrian-Israel border; in other words, it looks like Putin has reneged upon his agreement with Israel and USA (emphasis mine). This exclusive reads:

‘Deep apprehension in Israel over a Russian U-turn, which is letting small Iranian Al Qods and Hizballah units regain former positions 10-15km from the Israeli and Jordanian borders. They are coming back after Russian forces drove them out last year and established a safe zone at those border districts in their stead.

‘Reporting this turn of events, DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources add that the Russian forces, not content with allowing this Iranian-Hizballah comeback, have also evacuated their own positions, leaving the local population under the control of the Al Qods and Hizballah invaders. These actions violate Russian President Vladimir Putin’s commitment last year to US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to purge S. Syrian borders of the hostile elements ruled from Tehran and provide monitors for a safe zone.

‘Washington and Jerusalem have interceded strongly with Moscow against this breach while trying to establish whether they were ordered from Putin’s office in the Kremlin or the local command on a directive from the Russian defense ministry. For now, neither the US nor Israel has decided how to respond to the new pro-Iranian buildup at Israel’s back door. They are also trying to find out if the Russian step is Moscow’s response to the US-Turkish safe zone initiative for northeastern Syria. This week, a large American unit landed in southern Turkey to start activating the joint US-Turkish safe zone, which aims to separate the Turkish army from the pro-US SDF militia which is dominated by Syrian Kurds. Moscow may have opened the door to Iran in southern Syria to counter expanding US involvement in the north.

‘Israel showed first resistance to the new hostile presence at its border on July 24 by firing surface missiles at the intelligence stations Iran was setting up on the Tal Al-Harara hilltop opposite the Golan border. But the Russian move continued notwithstanding.’

Related Reading:
  • Iranian military brass met to discuss their “Preparedness” and “Surprise Capabilities” (Washington Institute, July 25th) – ‘According to… the news agency affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Gen. Shamkhani met with Gen. Gholam Ali Rashid, commander of the headquarters, to discuss “the security situation, the dangers [to Iran], and the degree of preparedness of [Iran’s] armed forces.” The agency quoted the headquarters commander about “aspects of defensive capability and the potential for an attack on Iran’s part.” Tansim added the commander’s warning about “Iran’s surprise capabilities, which the enemies have so far not taken into account.”…’
  • China reaches its arm deep into the Middle East, giving Israel cause for concern (Haaretz, June 15th)
  • Russia Gains Stranglehold Over Persian Gulf (, August 4th) – ‘In a potentially catastrophic escalation of tensions in the Persian Gulf, Russia plans to use Iran’s ports in Bandar-e-Bushehr and Chabahar as forward military bases for warships and nuclear submarines, guarded by hundreds of Special Forces troops under the guise of ‘military advisers’, and an airbase near Bandar-e-Bushehr as a hub for 35 Sukhoi Su-57 fighter planes has exclusively been told by senior sources close to the Iranian regime…’ 
  • Above links courtesy of Koenig’s Eye View from the White House.

2 thoughts on “Bible Update: ‘Gog-Magog’ game-changing event on Israel’s border

  1. Dear Richard,
    In Rev 16:16, the reference to the battle of Armageddon occurs between the sixth and seventh bowl judgements ie it is the final event that precedes the LORD’s descent to the land of Israel with the heavenly armies.

    The Ez 38 Gog Magog invasion of Israel is also the event the precedes Israel’s final restoration in Ez 39:25 and the Millennial restoration of Ez 40-48.

    Therefore, for some time now, I have considered these 2 passages as describing the same period of time.

    But many prophetic fulfillment have to occur prior to this final battle, so I am somewhat unclear as to where you are headed in this blog post.

    More than a few Christians have no vision for a final end times renewal of the Church, enabling the gathering of the huge end time harvest of souls.

    These folk are so focussed on the events of the Middle East, that they would seem to exclude such a final renewal in their thinking.

    I have concluded that the belief in an imminent signless pretrib rapture lies behind such thinking.

    If the LORD, according to this theology, could arrive at any moment , and remove his people from the earth, then the focus on Israel becomes concerned with her end and the final war, and not a worldwide renewal of faith, which accompanies the final maturing of the Bride.

    Personally speaking, it was when I discovered the pre wrath teaching of Marvin Rosenthal, that the end time scriptures self-assembled for the first time.

    This has led me to firmly reject pretrib rapture teaching and that, in turn, greatly affects how I view end times prophecy.

    So….more and more, I am lead to the belief that 2 completely contradictory prophetic end time scenarios are being painted, and I would much appreciate your response and your observations.

    Perhaps you could kindly point me to articles that you have written which encapsulate your thinking.

    God bless you.


    • Hi Chris, my apologies for the delay in responding but this updates my reply on Fbk

      This post is intended as an observation of events and which may or may not prove to have any relevance in the eschatalogical scenario. I don’t write about that topic in depth for two reasons. First, it’s very deep and therefore time-consuming, Secondly my prime aim is to present posts based upon contemporary prophecy and events, and any End Times-related items as they arise.

      I did introduce the subject when I started blogging at the end of Nov 2011 quoting dear ol’ Chuck Missler and then taught the importance of watching and invited readers to join me on the lookout. Later, I stuck individual blogs I’d posted into the static reference hubs on the site’s main menu (see ‘About Watching’ and ‘About Signs’), and others may be read on various tags (eg Daniel, Ezekiel, Bible Updates).

      As a ‘marrying’ of contemporary with Biblical prophecy I’d draw your attention to this given to Leisa Ebere back in April on Rev 16 >

      A long time ago I dug into the various End-times viewpoints, of which my study bible lists 8! So I’m interested in your opinion for I’m not entirely convinced about a pre-Tribulation Rapture in view of Jesus’ own words, but theologians make a good case for it. However, I prefer Nelson Walters’ case for Pre-Wrath, having reblogged some of his posts published in The Gospel in the End-times. Also, there’s a couple I intend re-blogging when things are ‘quieter’ (don’t wish to overload readers).


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