Prophetic words to the nations: the ‘Gong’ and ‘Pot-bound’

I’m very grateful to Martin Hunt, a friend who was first to encourage me many years ago on moving into my destiny in the prophetic, for kindly permitting me to publish what the Lord gave him upon waking up on two July mornings. His eyes almost popped out of his head as he spoke of seeing an immense the gong and, later, the end of a huge spade:


5.40am Tuesday 9th July 2019

“I am sounding a gong in these days,” says the Lord, “a gong far, far larger than the Rank Organisation gong that is seen and heard before the showing of their films.

“I am hitting that gong with a strength that only I can, as your God.

“With each strike of My divine hammer, the reverberation and echo of the sound reaches further than you could imagine!!

“The noise of the constant, regular almighty crash of the hammer on the gong reaches nations, continents and far-flung places of the world. It is a clear sound, definite but not defining. It touches hearts, consciences, emotions; the very core of humanity! It is instantly recognizable

“It is a call to morality, to righteousness, to justice, to peace, to harmony, to unity. It is a call to love, to honour and to proclaim salvation.

“It is a personal sound, which is life-changing and which will bring the nations to their knees.

“This sound heralds the start of a move of God that the world has not yet seen!!

Isaiah 43:18-19 – “Behold I am doing a new thing,” declares the Lord.

+ + + 


5.30am  Saturday 27th July 2019

“For I am digging a huge hole,” says the Lord. “It is a hole big enough to contain many root systems. It is so vast and deep that there will be ample room to grow, unhindered by lack of space – to grow down deeply to find moisture – and to grow wide – to thrive 100%

“The Nations are pot-bound,” declares the Lord. “Their roots are stifled without food and water and are near to death. Can you not see Me taking hold of these ‘plants’ at the 11th hour? Can you not see Me lifting them out from where they are into rich, fertilised soil where they can spread out and be fruitful once again?

“I am replanting dried-up (remote) parts of the world, where there’s no life. Can you not see them springing up (Isa 43:18-19) and taking their place again – important and strategic places to influence and make a significant difference in My plan of re-uniting and peace-making?

“I will fill this hole so that no peoples needing this rejuvenation will be left out, but that each will grow and flourish and complement each other and the world at large.

“You will see My world, My creation, My peoples – coming to their God-given destiny; and there will be no more wars; instead – hand-shakes Nation to Nation – and My word will be fulfilled!”


4 thoughts on “Prophetic words to the nations: the ‘Gong’ and ‘Pot-bound’

  1. Scripture declares that there will be wars until Jesus returns (and after, counting Armageddon). So I am wondering if this prophecy means the peace of the Millennium proper, or whether the language is exaggerated / limited. There will be significant outbreaks of peace, but there will still be wars?


    • I’ve asked Martin for his thoughts. Meanwhile in my humble opinion, it would be part of what the Lord is doing in the lead up to Jesus’ return and dovetailing between the Biblical prophecies. In other words, what He’s been ‘keeping up His sleeve’ out of satan’s cognisance.

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    • Martin replies, ‘Re: the gong prophecy: before this ‘move of God’ that He speaks about, the nations need to be squeaky-clean – hence morality, righteousness, etc.

      ‘The pot-bound prophecy speaks for itself i.e. fruitfulness instead of ineffectiveness – the nations becoming influential and forces to be righteously reckoned with!’

      (Presumably, the sounding of the gong accords with recent words about new sounds coming from heaven and the combined purpose will be to strike people’s hearts and minds with the deep desire to repent and change, as spoken of in that word. Therefore, I assume it’s part of the final harvest the Lord is getting ready to reap. Imho, the Revelation is a record of events in the spiritual realm that have their outworking on earth and this is where symbolism and actuality intertwine – plus the fact that time is different in those two realms. So its a matter of having to wait and see how things unfold and what the Lord does in addition to the record in Revelation. I hope this may make some sense as I begin to work through these highly complex matters RB)

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