“The EU cat is out of the bag!” says DUP. Is this the deceit yet to be revealed?

The DUP’s Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson closes his forthright condemnation of PM May’s treacherous betrayal of Brexit in We won’t let the PM or the Remainer horde in Parliament bully us into backing a toxic Brexit deal with this not unkown fact:

‘Finally the announcement of the details of the no-deal Brexit arrangements by the Irish Republic at the weekend, when they confirmed that they can deal with Irish Border trade without any need for one stick of infrastructure along the border, is the final proof that the exit deal is based on one big con job. The Irish border was never an issue. It was used to secure a leaving arrangement which would dictate the restrictive terms of the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

The EU cat is out of the bag. There is no justification for the Withdrawal Agreement. The only thing that those of us who want to leave the EU have to fear is being locked into a deal which only the EU can release us from. This week’s indicative votes are unlikely to present a negotiable way forward so let us not allow ourselves to be worn down by the relentless efforts of those who despise the 17.4 million people who voted to throw off the shackles of Brussels.’ (Emphases mine)

He begins yesterday’s article in fighting spirit:

‘We are now engaged in a war of attrition, as the Prime Minister seeks to achieve support for the toxic deal which she allowed the EU to impose on her and the referendum-defying Remainer horde in Parliament try to beat the truculent British public into submitting to their plan to keep us in the EU.

‘The latest tactic is their plan for Parliament to vote on alternatives to the Withdrawal Agreement. They describe it as Parliament taking control and the message which they are blasting out is that further resistance is futile because the Remainers are in charge. This message also suits the Prime Minister because she has used the claim that a Remain Parliament is taking control to try and bully those who want to leave the EU into supporting her flawed and damaging deal. The threat is that, if the Withdrawal Agreement is not supported, these Remainers will vote for alternatives which means no Brexit.

First of all let us be clear: the Withdrawal Agreement itself means no Brexit. It ensures that the EU has the legal power to prevent us ever leaving except on their draconian terms, which would include a Customs Union and adherence to EU regulations. Those who negotiated the agreement have been quite open about that. They insist that the terms of the deal will be the basis for any future relationship with the EU. They also make it clear that different treatment for Northern Ireland will have to continue…’

According to a prayer coordinator in Parliament at January’s Wembley Day of Prayer, all elected members of the DUP are born-again Christians, and doubtless appreciate the dynamics of the spiritual battle we are in far more than practically every other MP.

However, as the EU’s deceit and PM’s complicity has been public knowledge for some time, perhaps that is not what the Lord refers to by (Monday Newsmix #4 refers):

“There is one more deception to be revealed”


Could the deception referred to have something to do with details of the May-Merkel discussions leading up to last Summer’s infamous ‘Chequers Deal’? Could the secret details of their discussions be where the deception lies? Even ‘subversive’ as some contend!

I well recall, either last July or December, seeing a large photo like this shown below from Did Angela Merkel approve Theresa May’s Brexit plan in advance? and being astonished at perceiving behind a knowing grin of agreement, a direct look saying,

“It’s in the bag. We sealed the deal!”

And maybe on that trip to Berlin last December, the Lord locked Theresa May into her car to make her think and realise she shouldn’t be meeting this person???

5 thoughts on ““The EU cat is out of the bag!” says DUP. Is this the deceit yet to be revealed?

  1. Wow! Deception and Fear; the 2 snakes.
    Now they’re being exposed they start to lose their power
    Totally agree not to worry about these indicative votes today. Radio is off!
    I get to hear what’s really happening on Richards watch and my prayer and worship times! !!

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  2. Earlier, it had been quite widely reported that Mrs May had told her Cabinet that the Chequers Deal could not be altered, because Mrs Merkel had already cleared it. I am sure this must have been an open secret inside Westminster, although it seems not to have been generally known outside.

    As for another possible deception, it has more recently been uncovered that some elements within the UK Civil Service have been planning for a “kitkat Brexit” through implementing defence ties. The idea is that Brexit would merely be as a chocolate covering, and for some detail see
    Connivance between the UK and EU Civil Services should not be surprising, since the EU appears to be about government by state officials for state officials. This surely indicates some need to pray not just for Parliament but for our Civil Service, which seems to be calling many of the shots.

    I believe the plan to incorporate the UK armed forces into a single European Army is very serious, not only because this could entrap the UK in EU wars. The fact that the EU tolerated the brutal treatment by the Spanish police of the euro-sceptic, Catalan people, when they endeavoured to vote about political cession from Spain, suggests that there may be time when the EU would itself either use or threaten force to prevent its member states from leaving. The history of Europe shows that democracy there has also been like a chocolate veneer over something much darker.

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  3. Asked God about Brexit this evening following all the results of the votes in parliament on Brexit. Saw a goose flying high (a wild goose I assume as this symbolises the Holy Spirit in the early Celtic Christian Church as a wild goose cannot be caged). And I was sat on the goose’s back as it flew high in the sky. It wore a black T-shirt with purple capital letters on it. I could see a slight white line around the letters helping them stand out from the black.

    I looked up the UKIP logo and discovered they use purple text with white around it. Could black be a colour of mourning? I could only see the sides of the T-shirt so I couldn’t see the whole design on it, but I knew in my soul it was a campaign T-shirt and I felt such relief in my spirit. God is in control, there is hope, God in my prophetic opinion is with those who are doing his will right now. There is hope, a wild goose cannot be caged, it flies high and it stands for a campaign that God is behind.

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