Fulfilled Prophecy #25.2 – A Failed Coup!

Here’s welcome news of an ‘Autopsy of a Dead Coup’ – that is, the outcome of a worse than Watergate scandal surfacing.  Perhaps we’ll soon see the Lord cut puppet-master Soros’ strings, as foretold by Veronika West last September. The original item, Autopsy of a Dead Coup, is well-worth reading in its entirety!

Victor Davis Hanson in American Greatness reminds us that for the last three years,

we have been living through something unique in American History, an attempted coup against the legitimately elected President, by the bureaucracy. With the help, of course, of the so-called news media, and much of the coastal elite. Here’s VDH: [T]he illegal […]

Continue reading in A Failed Coup — nebraskaenergyobserver

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