Prophetic ‘castle’ words and pictures now coming into play

Several readers have commented or emailed me on the timeliness of the word from Liz Evans in her Call to pray for our nation and establish God’s rule.

It is undated and thereby avoids attribution of dating or thinking its ‘dated’, or it’s gone stale. After all, the Lord looks over His word to ensure it achieves its purpose and thus doesn’t return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11). This word brought by Liz was received several years ago, but we’ll connect the ‘prophetic dots’ or ‘jigsaw pieces’ and examine them as being evidence from the Lord as to that word being timely for 2018.

Bringing prophetic pieces together

Many regulars will be familiar with my use of godly coincidences as a tool in receiving, checking and testing prophetic words and visions. The scriptural warrant for doing so is quite clear but new readers wishing to investigate further are directed to ‘The Protocol of Prophecies’ in An Introduction to Prophecy.


At about five past five last Sunday afternoon I found myself nodding in agreement with pastor John Kilpatrick at Church of His Presence saying the Lord has been giving him prophetic words for each new year…but it was the actual date that made me nod:

“It started in 2009 when the Lord first gave me a prophetic word. We waited on the Lord for the New Year and when He left I just got a download…” (listen from 1:03:00 here)

I was pleased to get a confirmation from a pastor that had been the start of a prophetic process for him too. Yet for me it had been a ‘need’ to write on the prophetic. Moreover, I’d been unconscious to a specific thread that had been sewn throughout the years until recently, when another sudden shower of serendipity surrounded me with ‘jigsaw pieces’ – just like snowflakes lying around my feet!

This time, it gave me grounds to get out my old files from 2009-10.  And this wasn’t the first time buttons had been pressed to open up and relive my visual memory.

The first such ‘re-opening’ had come after debating an issue at Prophecy Today in mid-December. A confirmatory word brought by Brett Dewey had plugged so powerfully into one of mine in 2011 when I’d had a very vivid dream relating to Bill Johnson’s prophecy on that 3rd September being a turning point for the Kingdom of God in the UK. Brett’s dream in December 2017 showed that what ‘our’ dreams cover is now at the next stage of active unveiling – God-incidents Validate Three Prophetic Visions refers.

[Moreover, Brett’s earlier vision of a beach and wall has strong similarities to details in a personal prophecy given to me by Bath’s team in 2005 when we met Liz.]


The second ‘re-opening’ of my visual memory came last week from Tony Puccio after I’d joked in his second England Ablaze about his ‘spiritual observatory’ in Tucson, Arizona. On Wednesday 3rd he kindly sent me a file with covering note simply saying,  ‘Thought this might interest you’ – Wot! – a HUGE understatement!

Kitt Peak National Observatory outside Tucson (RB 4.2008)

In view of a couple of dreams he’d had about an inevitable change of monarch, I’d already put him in touch with a group of intercessors, who’d kindly supplied some historical prophecies on the royal family. It included a transcript of Liz Evan’s Word for UK.

I replied to Tony: ‘Re your…attachment that MIGHT interest me Tony!! It MOST certainly does, as explained below – I’m extremely grateful you’ve kept me in the loop on this…as its re-connecting me and taking me ‘full circle’…

‘…we often went to Bath City Church as it’s very special to us since 2002 (we married 6 months later) and it’s where we connected into the prophetic and met Revd Dr Sharon Stone and Liz Evans very soon afterwards.  Liz’s website is endorsed by a close friend of ours.’

I copied Liz into that reply and, after greeting her, wrote, ‘Tony’s attachment of the ‘Call’ you brought and its reference to castles immediately opened up my visual memory to the time several years ago I told you of the angels on battlements I saw close by Bath City Church.  Think I may also have emailed you on what I’d sensed of Windsor Castle being a connection between heaven and earth and then sharing that with Sharon six years ago next month!  (I didn’t know she’d soon move there)

‘Only last weekend did we watch episode 5 of The Crown (on Netflix) and noted its very close attention to detail of the ‘secret ceremony’ of Her Majesty being anointed during her Coronation, and to which your article refers. (My Her Majesty’s 90th birthday also refers.)’


I find in my personal prophecies papers that I’d emailed Liz on 18 March 2010, after our attending BCC’s Partner’s Day and wanting to discuss that weekend: ‘Yesterday was most encouraging and exciting, especially in what you said about castles and Magna Carta for I believe it may be relevant to some things that popped up over the last year… it develops upon the vision that Sharon weighed at her school [in Bath] a few years ago.’

There wasn’t time at the next weekend school to discuss, so I followed up with the details of what I’d seen in 2009, as may be read in this scanned email:

Liz replied, “Fantastic, definitely worth weighing” but I don’t recall seeing a paper version of what she’d shared. However, someone had transcribed it from her ‘Prophecy in the UK’ session at 2010 Release Conference in Bristol with Bill Johnson (him again!) and Mark Stibbe. A copy of that came from Tony, but Liz kindly sent me her version for publication (see previous post).


After last Thursday’s frenetic to-and-fro of the above messages the following ‘God-incidental’ input soon burst upon the scene:

  1. I realised 7 years have elapsed since this Call was made at Release 2010.
  2. That evening’s meeting with our curate of Bramshott & Liphook Church discussed her pre-Alpha spirituality course. She will be teaching on ‘interior castles’ (per Carmelite St Teresa of Avilla)!!
  3. Thus, I told her of my day’s activity and past connection with ‘castles’ and she reminded me of her Bath connections: especially Paul Skelton’s H.O.T.S. and ministry in India. (Soon after launching this blog I helped Paul by publicising the issues HOTS Bath had with Advertising Standards Agency in 2012)
  4. Our vicar Valentine Inglis-Jones was previously curator at Holy Trinity, Coombe Down Bath, and will be with out there with Paul later this month!

So Sunday’s passing remark by pastor John in Daphne, Alabama, makes yet one more confirmatory ‘God-incidence’. On top of all that is what I’d sensed about Windsor Castle in 2011 and shared with Sharon in February 2012.


In that month, at a conference in Torquay, I mentioned to Sharon that Nina and I had visited Windsor the previous year and I’d sensed a spiritual atmosphere there. As we spoke, an image of its Castle’s famous round tower came into mind. This was followed by the idea its crenellated battlements look like the teeth of a giant cogwheel, and this could fit into some sort of invisible socket where earth could get plugged into heaven!

It’s a little hard to explain but then the thought dropped into mind that such engagement would enable the heavenly kingdom to ‘wind up’ our earthly kingdom – or ‘queen-dom’ – for the Lord’s purposes (eg. revival) – rather like putting a key into and winding up a clockwork toy. [Paws 4 Thought – a Special Town in the Thames Valley refers.]

There’s other observations I could make but for now let’s note Liz’s emphasis is reiterated by Suzanne Payne editor of UK Prophetic Words (emphasis added),

“Richard…it is a key time for this word!

Now, it is particularly significant that 8 years have passed since Liz published the full word and call to Christians to defend our Nation and establish God’s rule. In biblical symbolism 8 represents a new beginning, a new order or creation. In the account of creation God created the earth and heavens in 6 days and rested from that labour on the 7th. So the whole creation as a universal, harmonious corporate entity had its first ‘working day’ on the 8th day! (See next post for unexpected confirmation on ‘8’!)

Also, I’d had the distinct impression of 2018 being a year of going up a level, like in spiraling up after having gone around full circle ie as in a 7-year cycle. Personally, I wanted to move into the more restful 7th year of this blog’s cycle (as in my New Year thanks) yet have a strong sense of moving into a new level – and most astonished to get an award!

A most intriguing closing thought: I’d considered re-publishing my first New Year’s blog  Points to Ponder 2011-12 on its 6th anniversary. I didn’t do so yet its subject of Biblical cycles is repeated a couple of paragraphs back – and I sure didn’t plan it that way!

Many thanks to all those who have kindly shared Liz’s call to pray for Britain.

Credits: Teamwork by Franky242 and Flying puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachon, appear by courtesy of – Windsor Castle: copyright

11 thoughts on “Prophetic ‘castle’ words and pictures now coming into play

  1. Dear Richard

    I am shocked, and just wanted to make sure I understood it right. Are you saying that you and others along with John Kilpatrick started in 2009. If so I just checked the date on the prophecy that started me praying and it is April 2009 Kenneth Copeland (office in Bath) sent a special letter out to us and as you may remember it was when I got to the bit where he said They shall come and say Surely He is the God of All Good, that it just undid me.

    Richard have I understood this?

    APRIL 15TH 2009 Kenneth Copeland

    2 Chronicles 7: 14 and 15

    its not going to happen until we do what we are called to do and O Lord

    14If My people, who are called by My name, shall

    • humble themselves

    • pray

    • seek

    • crave

    • and require of necessity My face

    • and turn from their wicked ways

    • then will I hear from heaven

    • forgive their sin

    • and heal their land.

    15Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer offered in this place.

    This is the time that has been prophesied about and at stake here is not only your welfare in the land but also my move in the end times of a great awakening saith the Lord and it is that awakening that will save this land and others like it for it is the time of the coming of Lord and you will rise up and you will be Name and you will be My Power and I will manifest myself through you and many shall come and say surely He is the God of all Good.


    Lynne [1484765320209_Email] ________________________________

    Liked by 1 person

    • WOW – I didn’t know that or about the date Lynne.
      I was referring to the coincidence of what John happened to mention in passing because I’d been checking papers in view of my connection with Bath in ’09. I don’t know about any others starting. (I’d had major visions in ’92, ’03 and ’04)

      CIE’s founder Bill Hamon refers to 2008 as when the Third & Final Reformation of the Church started. Also I recall many expected contemporary prophecies to take years to be fulfilled, but Sharon said after 2012 that gap would begin to close and there’d be an acceleration in No. words received and shrinkage of time-gap b4 manifestation.


  2. “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”

    That was a quote from Winston Churchill.

    He was referring, of course, to the air and ground crews of Bomber Command during the Battle of Britain during World War 2.

    The movie “Darkest Hour” has just been released, about WW2 and particularly the UK and Churchills part in it.

    The timing (and name) of this movie is no coincidence.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re right and thanks Harry. It’s another interesting ‘coincidence’ – and you may like to know that trail of mine only started because my step-daughter suggested her mother may like to watch and chat about ‘The Crown’ and other online TV programmes. That was boxing Day and I asked about how that worked and when we returned I set up our set’s wi-fi connection (it had failed when previously tried). We found how easy it was and watched a few episodes.

      I was especially pleased it fully features HM’s Anointing because of what was happening in media and on Tony’s blog that week. (Note his dream and my later comments > ) A scenario developed for him over a couple more dreams and we corresponded privately. Then came the string of God-incidences I blogged about, starting with his sending me the word and thesis Liz Evans had brought 8 years ago.


  3. I have decided to comment, based on two factors, but have held back till now. Firstly in response to the aerticle previously outlining the need for intercession regarding the threat to the royal line, family and nation. Because about 10 years ago, whilst in internet chat with prophetic folk … out of the blue I was given an unrelated picture.

    I saw a castle turret almost identical to the one further up the page in the heaven touching earth segment.
    On this turret was a single flagpole bearing a square penant. Which was quarter coloured in yellow and red squares in opposite corner quadrants. I saw the flagpole break half way down its shaft, falling to the right taking the top half of the pole and the pennant to the ground.
    I checked the pageant colours … they belonged to the Prince of Wales. It’s break and fall was sudden and quick.

    Which leads me back to about 15 or so years before that. Where I was given a prophecy …. where God related the current Queen… as being Defender of the Faith. But what sparked this word at that time … were public statements of Prince Charles, being not a defender of The Faith, but the defender of many faiths and not necessarily the Christian faith.

    Prince Charles would be the queens successor in the event of her death and take upon himself if crowned … the title defender of THE Faith

    But Father God was highlighting also, that He would always be close and not aloof or distant to His own, no matter who was on the throne or not. He would always be close, stooping down to touch cherish, love and strengthen, caring for and caring with his people, scooping them up bringing them close to his heart and face. Man may not defend as he ought, but God will defend as he is.

    The same week now, that the prophecy here on this sight regarding the royal throne and line was shared .. . Was, is also, the same week prince Charles made a statement … which suggested that those of Christian persuasion cannot be guaranteed freedoms they have now today.

    In light of these events, I thought it worth joining up some of the dots that present themselves.

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    • PS upon first reading your remarks I wondered if the vision you had re Po’Wales may relate to my private thoughts on the identity of whoever features in Tony’s dreams about Buckingham Palace, (I haven’t re-blogged ‘cos of their nature). I gather a few privately circulated prophecies speak favourably of the two young princes – ie God’s blessing skipping a generation from G’parent to Grandsons?

      Liked by 1 person

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