May all readers have a thoroughly blessed 2018

May the Lord richly bless you personally with answered prayers and especially with fresh revelatory insights – I know that’s true for at least one with whom I’ve been in correspondence today.

I heartily thank regular readers for continued support, as well as all visitors for ‘dipping your toes in the water’ – you’ve all contributed to this blog approaching 600,000 views!

Now we’ve entered its seventh year I think it’s time to take a form of ‘sabbath rest’. Like the Sabbath is meant to be a break from ordinary routines to meet in fellowship, to read the Bible and draw closer to the Lord, so I’m adjusting the blog’s focus to emphasise the prophetic scriptures.

With the exception of significant items, I’ll be covering fewer contemporary prophetic words as they’re available direct from several prophets’ websites, as well the splendid daily resources provided by Glasgow Prophetic Centre in their ‘Lion Bites’ and the large library at UK Prophetic Words.

In other words, my focus will mainly be on world and church events of direct relevance to prophetic scripture, as done before launching the blog when I emailed friends and church leaders about such events (see Archives 2009-11).  What was an acceleration of moving into the fulfillment of prophecies is turning into an almighty avalanche!

With this in mind I will create a hub of Bible Updates as a library of published posts on those developments and fulfillment of scripture.  Most of the existing material is already covered under various categories and tags but an easily accessible hub with links will prove helpful for reference purposes.

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