Eagles over England 

Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: courtesy http://www.propheticartists.com

Thank you Lord for another ‘sign’ received by Tony in Tucson on Christmas Eve. I concur with the comments about the meaning of eagles (NB: Why I Write/blog) and note also the significance of pastor John Kirkpatrick in Alabama having seen a bald eagle over his property in connection with Sept 23rd and Rev 12 plus UK-US spiritual connection, etc, etc (search ‘eagle’)

My Dreams and Visions

I had a dream this morning where I saw eagles flying from the sea over the English countryside and finally perching on Big Ben. What is interesting is that there seemed to be a lead eagle, if you will, looking back to see that the others were following and secondly I saw all this from the vantage point of the eagles.

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4 thoughts on “Eagles over England 

  1. There was a post here earlier that I can’t see now about an Eagle over Buckingham Palace and heirs. I was later drifting off for a nap and woke up with in mind mEGhAn markLE, the word EAGLE seemed prominent in her name.. A couple of further thoughts, the Liberal media has been upset in the last week that the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day is being used by the Queen to promote Christianity and the media cannot control this. Also Meghan Markle has announced that she is going to be baptised further promoting Christianity which of course is upsetting for some.

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