She. Has. Been. Stopped.

Congratulations America from an apolitical Brit. As hoped and believed not only have prayers and prophecies been met but also ‘Brexit-bounce’ has pounced over ‘the Pond’!

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She. Has. Been. Stopped.

I thank God these prayers have been answered in an absolutely stunning, historic and largely unexpected night.

To her credit, Hillary Clinton has called Trump to concede the race — something I’m not sure I ever truly thought I’d see.

So now it’s official:

  • Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States
  • Gov. Mike Pence will be the next Vice President of the United States
  • The House will remain in conservative Republican control.
  • The Senate — another stunner — will remain under Republican control.

Coming from behind, making many mistakes, yet finishing strong, Mr. Trump did the impossible in this campaign, becoming the first non-politician, non-war hero ever to win the presidency in the entire history of the Republic.

He just finished his acceptance speech — I thought it was gracious, positive, and remarkably humble.

Trump said it is “time to bind the wounds” of the nation that promised…

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1 thought on “She. Has. Been. Stopped.

  1. Indeed Richard, it would seem that the prayers and prophetic words, visions, and dreams have come to pass. We are not out of the woods, however. I believe that we must keep this man in our prayers and also pray for Daniel’s and Esther’s to be his closest advisors.


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