A ‘pop-out truth’ about the Trump vs. Clinton debates

It was out of my mouth before I could even think.:

“Maybe he’s the only one who’s got the guts, male strength and determination to stand like a bull against the on-going destruction of America!”

I’d flipped the tv to hear Channel 4 News headlines whilst clearing up after dinner. So we just caught a few seconds of the latest presidential debate before switching off and deal with dishes but heard Trump’s retort about jailing Clinton (re her misdemeanours?). Nina expressed her disdain for both contenders’ character but – without thinking of what to say – out popped my quick response, as above.

We’re not politically partisan but, like many brothers and sisters, would prefer a Christian of strong faith to be a contender for the presidency.  So it was good to see the CBN video clip of Mike Pence’s anti-abortion stance posted on Veronika West’s Facebook (5 Oct).

My quick quip was mindful of her many visionary warnings for the USA, and of what I’d only scan-read earlier that day. That is of the Lord telling Lana Vawser in Oz about the lack of discernment in Christians over what’s going on behind the scenes as well as in the spiritual realm, and especially His heart and intentions for the USA.. According to Lana, Jesus has a stern warning to believers:

“My people that are not pressing in for discernment, to hear My heart concerning the US election and who I have anointed for the next Presidential Term, will be brought to a place right now in this season where they will be blinded by deception. This army that is about to be released into the body of Christ in the USA are coming to blind people to the truth that I have anointed Donald Trump and Mike Pence and the people of God need to hear this so that they keep pressing in for discernment despite what the media and the ‘natural world’ says. Things are going to continue to escalate and pressure intensify to push Donald Trump out, but My people need to take their place and stand with Me to see My purposes come to fruition.”

Just before the encounter Lana was ‘standing in what looked like a “commission room” in hell and so much darkness around. I saw the enemy and he was about to release a horde of demons upon the earth into the United States with a specific target against believers. 

What I noticed about these demonic spirits was that they had blindfolds in their hands and they were ready to “move”. 

 I asked Jesus what these demonic spirits were and he said that they were “spirits of deception”. 

Therefore, I recommend reading and weighing her full account of An Encounter With Jesus Concerning the US Election and Donald Trump.

Update: Lance Wallnau adds several valid points in this video-clip (thanks Caroline):

For Trump’s attitude to Israel see John Kilpatrick: Apolitical prophecy in His Presence

Consider also Dr Clifford Hill’s analysis and wise guidance for our prayers: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Therein, he refers to the Sovereignty of God and reminds us of his appointing Cyrus as king in order to implement His purposes for His people.

Also, in a Prophetic Bulletin issued in March Rick Joyner makes many telling points when considering the pros and cons in Is Trump the One? (Thank you Peter Allman.)

Last but not least, thank you to those readers in the States who’ve written to me about their dreams and visions on the next President of the United States.  We’ll soon know if they’re accurate.

[NB: this post is offered solely to provide an opinion and perspective upon a globally vital issue and which may be of help to readers.]

3 thoughts on “A ‘pop-out truth’ about the Trump vs. Clinton debates

  1. Excellent video by Lance Wallnau.

    Trump has a repentant heart and Hillary Clinton does not. King David repented of his sin, but King Saul did not. King Saul eventually committed suicide on the field of battle; King David was an ancestor of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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