Promoted to home head chef!

“Richard, my hubbie, will be my sous-chef…” , Nina told the church’s hospital-watch prayer coordinator.

“Not at all, he’ll be head chef whilst you’re indisposed!” came the gentle correction in Stevie’s Scottish lilt.

To our great surprise we’d arrived home from holiday to find her letter with listing of today’s dawn-to-dusk prayer cover for Nina’s hand operation. She’s first to the surgeon this morning for repairing a thumb joint, possibly being discharged first thing tomorrow. For several weeks, however, her left arm and dominant hand will be out of action in a sling.

So I’ll be her 24/7 nurse for a while. Being a good organiser my dear wife prepared most things for her temporary manual infirmity. But most of all she’ll miss cooking and so we’d thought the washer-up guy could act under her guidance. (I do super steaks, omelettes and spicey full-veg and beef chilli. And soon time to bake a yummy Christmas cake!)

So, writing full blogs will not be as frequent as usual, but I want to pop a few brief links up whenever I can and re-post a couple of past items. These would prepare for a re-blog that connects with fascinating facts about mathematics and the Bible – and on Time.

A huge thank you and blessing from both of us to the medical team and everyone who’s praying for us.

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