A prophetic perspective on UK & Brexit, Ireland, Europe, USA & China

Paul Barfett’s perspective published on facebook a week ago today, ‘coincides’ with my declaring ‘A New Day- UK’s Independence Day’ during polling yet against the odds and severe internet disconnection (as here): 


The UK and Brexit

Approximately eight years ago God spoke these words to me:

“I will remove the UK from Europe.”

At that time there was no likelihood of a referendum on European membership. God has shown me all my life that it never was his calling upon the UK to be yoked and submitted to European governmental authority. Additionally, God made it very clear to me that he could only use, and will use, the UK once again as a revivalist and sending nation after he had removed the UK from the EU.

During Brexit polling day afternoon, God confirmed to me that he was about to perform his word and remove the UK from the EU.

Why did God need to remove GB from Europe?

The EU does not structurally acknowledge God Almighty, therefore the UK could not remain under the covering and governance of an intentionally, Godless organisation if God was to use the UK again in an enormously powerful move of God, in these very last days. During 2015, at a gathering in London of Christians in Government, I prophesied to the leader of this group:

“God will tear down the Government of this nation and rebuild it.”

This is now exactly what will happen as the UK disentangles itself from many EU laws and restores the sovereignty of the UK as an independent nation.


God has been telling me for many years that he will birth the revival of Europe in Ireland and that I am to continue ministering in Ireland until revival comes. Thereafter will come the revival of England and the rest of the UK, then continental Europe. Revival will come through the raising up of Worship Altars which involve the restoration of the Tabernacle of David and the restoration of holiness to worship.

The USA and China

God spoke to me in 2012 with these words:

“The USA had my word. The USA had everything. The USA has despised my word. I will do a mighty work in China.”

The understanding I got with this word was that part of the favour of God on the USA he will shift to China, in his timing. God has indicated that he will send me to many nations in five of the six continents and that he will use my revival ministry calling in both the USA & China where the Government of China will receive Prophet Paul.

The Post-Brexit Message to the UK

The majority of the UK establishment supported Remain which was directly opposed to the will, plan & purposes of God for the UK. Sadly far too many Christian leaders joined with Politicians and declared for Remain. Consequently many Christians are wrongly distraught at the Brexit outcome as a result of the misleading, false and flesh statements made by career, Christian leaders.

God now wants it to be known that HE has removed the UK from Europe, that HIS ways are higher than man’s ways and that the UK is in HIS hands.

The re-birthing of the UK as an independent, sovereign, self-governing nation will involve labour pains. However, in due time, the world will see that the nation God has used most throughout history, after Israel, for the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ will be used again in the most extensive way for his glory and for the final, end-time harvest of souls, in these very last days.

Paul Barfett, 28th June 2016

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