The Lord has cut the scorpion’s sting!

Thank you to Valerie Russell for permission to publish this most encouraging word from the Lord about His perspective of Britain and EU:


Once again, as in battles gone by, I have raised up My hidden army who have stood in the gap for the deliverance of Great Britain! You trusted Me, and the words of My Prophets. You laid aside all of your own natural reasoning and worldly consequences of Exiting the European Union. Because you have exited from this ungodly Union, the onslaught that the enemy had intended to invade Christian Britain has been thwarted at this time, and in doing so you have made a way for My plans and purposes for this Great Nation to take effect, for you have now set in place My redemptive purpose for the destiny of this Great Nation as it is written in My book in heaven.

Look at what has happened from My viewpoint and see that I have a bigger plan. A plan for this Nation that will enable the redemption of other Nations. And Great Britain, you are not alone, have I not tied you to a Commonwealth?

The historic decision that the Nation has made has, in actual fact, started the process of weakening spiritual darkness and structures over Europe, and has cut strings of the demonic entangled web that the enemy has created in Europe.

I have put a plumb-line in the midst of you, and My plumb-line has revealed the nation’s failure, I built you true oh Great Britain, but you became corrupt. You aligned yourself with the Babylonian systems of this world.

However, I have been raising up and releasing spiritual reformers in readiness for the shaking of the Nations, and now, I will rebuild your structure according to My plumb-line. Christ Jesus is always the Chief Cornerstone, but it is imperative that you build the right solid foundations. Build ‘governmentally’, do not ignore My Apostles and Prophets that I have raised up for such a time as this, as they are foundational! My prophets hold ‘keys of knowledge’ that I give to them, they hold the keys as to ‘what’ to build that always carries My Prophetic Purpose, so don’t allow the religious spirits to shut the mouths of My Prophets. My Apostles carry wisdom and revelation on ‘how’ to build and advance what the prophets have revealed and released. So, work together oh Apostles and Prophets, there is so much more power and authority in your synergy, and listen carefully to Me, work with My Intercessors as this 3-fold cord cannot easily be broken. Is this not the pattern that I gave to Zerubbabel, Haggai, Zechariah, and Ezra when they rebuilt?

I have raised up, and am raising up even more so now Apostles and Prophets in every sphere of society. I am realigning and positioning, REALIGNING and POSITIONING! So please change your religious mind-sets and reasoning capacity that you thought that Apostles and Prophets were only meant for the Church.

Hear, O children, the instruction of Your Father, and pay attention, and be willing to learn, so that you may gain understanding and intelligent discernment. ‘Let your heart hold fast my words’; ‘trust in and rely confidently on Me with all your heart and do not rely on your own insight or understanding’.

And let me assure you oh Nation of Great Britain that although you have to go through sufferings and shakings because of times of instability, the next 5 months will not compare to what was to come upon you had you remained joined to this ungodly confederacy, because ‘I have now removed the sting from the scorpion’s tail’! Yes, ‘I have removed the sting from the scorpion’s tail’!

Valerie Russell, 28th June 2016

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