Coals of fire are being released for prophets – Lana Vawser

WOW! This word confirms and thus speaks directly into a dream of 11 days ago whilst attending the Awake conference (and which plugged into the podcast on Time). ALSO, for some reason this word was missing from my email notifications, although the next (Angels of Recovery) was in today’s in-tray! It was found by looking in my WordPress’ Reader folder, which I don’t always check upon blogging as I usually go straight to its admin desktop.

UPDATE 23 April 2020: stuck to home-page in view of latest comments below


LanaVawserThis morning during worship I saw angels descending from heaven and they were holding burning coals of fire in their hands.

I saw them going throughout the earth and they were releasing these coals of fire, the fire of God upon the hearts of prophets and those operating in the gift of prophecy.

As these coals were being released into the hearts of these ones, the fire felt hot, seven times hotter than what they had experienced before and I noticed as the coals of fire were burning in their hearts, their hearts were EXPLODING. They were exploding with the fire of His love, they were burning for Him in ways they hadn’t before as they wholeheartedly embraced the fire.

It was bringing a DEEP purging, a DEEP purifying, a DEEP refining, a DEEP pruning and a DEEP igniting.

As these coals of fire were burning in the hearts of the prophets and prophetic voices I saw something SO beautiful! I saw IN THE FIRE, the hearts of prophets and prophetic voices that had said YES to Him embracing the fire, a DEEPER level of the ‘knitting together’ of their hearts with the heart of God.

An explosion of revelation of the goodness, kindness and beauty of Jesus, the fire of His perfect love being awakened in their hearts. (Hebrews 12:29) In the midst of the fire that was burning I saw a compass that was on fire in their hearts, and the Lord was bringing an alignment and recalibration of hearts to ALIGN in REVELATION with the TRUE NATURE OF GOD and His love.

As permission was given to the Lord in the embracing of the fire, He was burning away religious spirits, areas of wrong views of Him and His nature that had taken root and were flavouring the prophetic words, messages of His heart in wrong ways. It was being burnt away to release a pure flow, a pure revelation of HIS BURNING LOVE!!!!

As the fire of God was working DEEP in the hearts of the prophets and prophetic voices, I saw their lips and mouths ON FIRE!

The Lord was bringing a greater cleansing of any ‘mixture’ in prophetic words released.

The Lord was releasing a GREATER PURITY in the flow of prophetic messages released even though we only see in part.

There is an accuracy and purity being imparted into the hearts of the prophets and prophetic voices AS they embrace the fire, that is releasing a greater level of clarity, accuracy and a deeper entering into the insight like the sons of Issachar – knowing the times and seasons. (1 Chronicles 12:32)

fire-of-Holy-Spirit-300x194As the prophets and prophetic voices were embracing the fire and being refined in heart to be more like Him, the prophetic flow in their life being sharpened and purged, they were arising burning with love for Him like never before and then SUDDENLY platforms of greater favour and responsibility opened up.

I saw many prophets being raised up into new levels of sight to declare and prophesy over cities, nations and people groups with greater clarity, accuracy and love.

There is GREAT FIRE on the prophets, prophetic voices and prophetic movements right now and it is bringing a shaking. As our YES is given to the Lord we are moving out in greater love, accuracy and burning for Him. He doesn’t want us to resist the fire, He wants us to embrace it. It is FOR OUR GOOD and the good of the Church and the world.
If the fire is not embraced, I saw ‘another time around the mountain’ happening, until the Lord can accomplish the purging, purifying work that He wants to do now, to release us into greater levels of accuracy and prophesying OUT OF HIS HEART OF LOVE AND GOODNESS, as true prophecy REVEALS who He is in His love and goodness and greater doors of favour opened so the burning passion of His love may spread across the entire earth.

The Lord is wanting to bring a restoration, purifying and increase to the prophetic across the earth. As we say YES to the fire we are moving into levels of insight, accuracy and revelation of His heart, His ways and plans like we have not ever dreamed of.

Lana Vawser, 23 February 2016

Read about this Australian’s ministry here.

Footnote (RB): this has a bearing upon an unusual dream I had from which I awoke feeling as though an interior volcano was about to erupt in my spirit. Later, in the second session of that day’s C.I.Europe conference, Jane Hamon spoke about the power of praying in tongues for awakening and releasing the force of the Kingdom. As we did that for at least two minutes I was blessed to feel that unseen fiery volcano bubbling within and getting ready to explode. Hence my picking up on last weekend’s references to holy fire.

 (Clearly, TalkTalk is still getting email issues: mid-Nov to mid-Dec the ISP filtered my email from Christian sites and I await reply their CEO’s reply.) 

16 thoughts on “Coals of fire are being released for prophets – Lana Vawser

    • Thanks Tony and it seems to ring a bell. Notice you had interesting comments including a query about things I wouldn’t have touched with a ‘barge-pole’ as I’d been involved in such practices. Idolatrous objects attract demonic entities and are thus defiled and therefore are better avoided – wiser to say to check a Concordance. The closing words of 1 John 5 apply: ‘…keep yourselves form idols’!


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