Lion Bites: the refining fire

Today’s Lion Bites word from Glasgow continues the earlier Invite My Fire! and I pray it deeply blesses you too:


fire-of-Holy-Spirit-300x194Are you really ready for the heat to be turned up? With more heat comes more refining, more purity and a heart that ignites, burning with a fire for Him. The Lord is a consuming fire. Will you allow Him to burn up all the dross, so that what is left is pure gold?

Others may not like (they may be challenged by) what you carry. Because of the level of purity they may not be able to stand around you. Nevertheless, sons and daughters of the King, God will use you if you choose to allow Him to turn up the heat and ignite you afresh.

He will use His radiant, ‘on-fire’ ones like lasers. Just as a laser is super-concentrated energy that can cut out diseased flesh (in the hands of a skilled surgeon) to allow for new growth, so He will use those who allow Him to refine in the fire. Choose to be one who goes through the refining: be on fire, be pure, be concentrated, be accurate, be like refined gold. Speak out the Father’s words of life and truth wherever you go.

1 Peter 1:7
…so that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold which is perishable, even though tested by fire, may be found to result in praise and glory and honour at the revelation of Jesus Christ.


10 thoughts on “Lion Bites: the refining fire

  1. John Bevere in his book THUS SAITH THE LORD? describes Jesus as having eyes like lasers:

    Page 111: “Notice Jesus was described as one whose eyes are like a flame of fire (Revelation 2: 18-19). This denotes an intense ability to see through any darkness or outward veil to the very heart of the matter. If penned today, the verse might have compared His eyes to lasers. They pierce through the natural and obvious to expose the very root or motive. By all appearances, this church lacked nothing. Without discernment this body of believers would appear flawless, yet Jesus saw past the great works of the body and pointed out a very dangerous flaw.”

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    • The Lion Lord
      Ps 33:1-22
      v9 For he spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast

      I share this from somewhere between 2007–2012, given to me, given to us, to help us in our time of need.

      One has no doubt heard of the latest regarding the High Court Ruling about Article 50, and with it may come many concerns and worries, as to how or if our Exit might go as planned. But today, I was reminded of this below and with it came the understanding of the strength and purpose, vision and determination of our God in the fields and matters of men. More importantly the standing and destiny of this nation, his great country and its people, specifically his purposes of bringing us out of Europe, and indeed his purposes beyond.

      And it speaks for itself … as that which he speaks will be, so much so, that the groom has alerted his bride of that, great and purposeful day, that will be the day that he determines it to be. In advance of that he gives us a sign ahead of time, as if that time has already arrived. But what he pursues includes his bride, as well as its groom.

      Part 4 – The Lion Lord

      (First the process with the Lion and His body) The Body of Christ is a living organism. It is alive and has eternal and resurrection life. This life does not fade or perish and is without spot or blemish.
      It is a living body that has the blood of Jesus flowing and pumping through its heart, for it indeed is moved and positioned with and within, the Heart of the Father. In its body the Heart of the Father appears in human form, but works and ministers with Godly intent. This body is touched with the Spirit and flows from God. It is moved in Him and living in Him.
      Each part of the body is a living cell a unique and individual part, separate, yet not apart, living, yet not detached, joined but not disjointed from the head.
      Through each individual cell the blood of Jesus continually flows, the flow of Gods very own blood, into His very own body. It stimulus is received from the beating heart of the Father. The whole body beats and pleads according to flow of the Fathers heart.
      O how he is moved! His great heart empties to pour out the blood that is within the inner chambers of His heart. Oh! How it empties itself and is moved to fill up again with love and forgiveness and to swell up again to be engorged with yet more of His Sons blood. Until no more can be taken and is replete in its fullness and goodness. Another beat, and is again pushed and expelled outward, cascading from chamber to chamber. His love poured and forced out by the valves of the beat of His heart, emptying itself of all but love, flowing to each and every part of the body, both distant and close. A never ending heart beat.
      The heart of the Father, He has placed in the Body of His church. This heart is not only the heart of His Body, the heart of the Church…it is His own heart, and also the heart of the Lion Lord.

      The heart of this Great Lion “feeds off” the feeling within, “feeds off” the course and coursing of the lifeblood concerning this nation. As each cell and part becomes filled and alive under its flow, as each gives of its flow, it is triggered by yet another beat, and yet another flow, and how this vitality reaches its great limbs and surges, giving the whole its complete and perfect mobility.
      Perfect and complete mobility to the loins and body of the Lion, from the heart of His Church in Him.
      As the body of the Lion becomes awake, so does the Nation have its chance for Life, for its Lion Lord is stirred, not that He has been asleep. But this Nation has. The Lion wants this nation Britain to come alive, indeed as this country once was and that it would again wear His Crown, demonstrating and displaying all His Regal Sovereignty, borne with such great pride.
      A nation boasting in the strength of its God. Its “royalty and resplendence” comes from Him.
      Here he showed me a large “coin”, or rather a medal, a medallion. This coin was in MINT condition. Its markings and definitions were clear and defined, its luster was full and its etching pristine and fine. It was plain for all to see and laid out in fresh, in clear and in NEW detail. Behold I do a NEW thing.
      This coin, medallion, seems to impress upon me the difference between this NEW coin and the faded and dull, and worn hopes of the past. But once again, these old images and hopes were to be RENEWED by the vital and NEW images and lines marked out in the emblem of the coin.
      On the face of the coin, was a Lion. Set and standing on all fours, its head raised square and crowned with a Crown. The detail was so precise, and pinpoint clear. HE was regal and resplendent and shone with a savor of greatness, strength and uprightness. The poise of His loins and pose of great pads, His legs astride and great paws splayed, showed strength from every view. He stands upon, above and in the glory of His nation. This country of Isles, this country of Britain he wishes to form United and to form once again Great. As He is One, so are we to be.
      Medallions and coins are especially struck and minted to show and focus on the great deeds and accomplishment of a nation. This medallion HAS ALREADY been STRUCK, to COMMEMORATE an event of HISTORICAL PROPORTION. The die has been struck, its purpose sealed, to show the sureness of its final position.
      This event in Heaven has already in His mind occurred on earth. To show and encourage us, He has ALREADY struck a coin to COMMEMORATE its happening.
      The figure of the Lion on the coin is not bowed down, nor loaded or weighed, not pushed aside due to weakness…but is alive and bold, bright and bristling with vigor with precise, fine meticulous detail, this is the nature of The Lion Lord. This image is an exact representation of His fullness and brightness, surpassed and identified in no other, other than the splendor of the original. This coin can’t be imitated or copied, or passed off as new, no counterfeit can stand and compare against it. As sure as the coin is, so too is the victory of it also sure and sound.
      As in the days of this country it is as the Seal of the Commonwealth of Nations, the medal of honor, the medal of remembrance. This medal will be remembered forever. See NOW, it has not faded, it is still there in its ORIGINAL finery, its fullness and detail is not marred by the passing of time or the forgetfulness of man. A piece that is not to be a collector’s item but rather a remembrance of all that is good. Britain once again will rule by the waves of His Spirit and will become Great in its Lion.

      The die has been cast (and this nation is not for turning)

      I have had, and still have the good fortune to know, that the purposes of our God for this nation, are steadfast and sure, regarding Article 50, it final exit and destiny beyond. New every morning are his promises, great is his faithfulness. And that which he plans for this nation he will accomplish, for both Britain and its continent and he has plans and he will perform … and his own will walk in the treads of those same pads, and will follow wherever he leads. His love for us fuels Him and our love for Him fuels us. Fear not little flock it is the fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom, I will not leave you helpless, I will not leave your fatherless, I will not leave you as orphans, I will not leave you as alone, for I myself will come to you.

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      • Thank you so much for I was scheduling it to follow current US issue as that’s a much hotter potato than our Art 50. Verse 9 of Psalm 33 was gave me quick confirmation of what I’d heard whilst on Sat’s Quiet Day. Will give details by eml asap.


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