200,000 views – thank you everyone

RJBA personal thank you goes to whoever makes the 200,000th viewing of this blog today/tomorrow, when two particularly interesting posts are scheduled for auto-publication.

Thank you too to every visitor and to each of my regular readers and subscribers for encouraging me in waiting and watching for the Lord. It is heartening that each of 850-odd posts and menu pages have been seen so many times. (If you’ve not scanned through the menu bar perhaps you’d like to check it out and dip into some of its topics?)

TOP 10 posts by number of views since the blog was launched on 21.11.2011 are:

Prophetic words for 2014-16 for UK & Ireland from Dr Stone – part 1 7,960
Heidi Baker: prophecy of a new move of God in UK – with updates 7,850
Prophetic words for 2013 from Dr Sharon Stone 7,630
Library of Prophecies for the UK – and elsewhere 6,207
An angel attended Steve Hill’s memorial service 5,397
Urgent prophetic words about a cut-off date in God’s timeline 4,353
PS to Wendy Alec’s prophecy on Obama – and on Netanyahu! 4,140
Dr Sharon Stone: Word of the Lord for 2015 and the New Season 3,980
Prophetic words for 2014-16 for UK & Ireland from Dr Stone – part 2 3,009
Prophetic words for 2014-16 for UK & Ireland from Dr Stone – part 3 2,634

For numerically-minded, the home page accounts for over 48,000 hits, which means 3/4 all visits are direct to specific posts/pages. Before that date there are 64 emails followed by 798 blogs and 55 pages thereafter, totalling 917 entries.

Your comments are warmly welcome (NB: Comments Caveat & Prophecy Protocol on homepage sidebar).

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