An angel attended Steve Hill’s memorial service

Pastor John Kilpatrick officiated at the memorial service for his very close friend and evangelist in the Brownsville Revival.  It was intriguing to hear what John said back at church yesterday morning about a young man who went to Steve’s funeral with one of the CHP congregation.

1622747_10153898534210532_566145841_nThe man was trying to take a photo from the balcony but couldn’t understand why he was unable to see the feet of people on-stage.  Even so, he tried shooting it without any adjustment or extra lens. When he saw the photo the reason for the blur became clear because it shows an unseen guest near Steve’s dear widow, Jeri Hill.

(Click to enlarge photo – with many thanks to the unknown photographer for releasing this awe-inspiring image.)

John’s brief account begins at 1:08:00 of this video and I recommend listening for the next 10 minutes as he recounts what the Lord gave him prior to Steve’s passing. I believe there is a great deal more significance to what he relates than meets the eye.

The next post considers a possible motive of the Lord in facilitating this amazing photo.

See also brief uplifting report on this photo at BelieversWorld and In Loving Memory of Steve Hill, as well as articles on Steve Hill Ministries website.

7 thoughts on “An angel attended Steve Hill’s memorial service

  1. Hello Richard, how are you, this is your friend from, thanks for this powerful link
    but unfortunately we changed the blog name to, if you don’t mind changing the two links you have here to and

    Thanks and Remain Blessed


    • Hi John and many thanks. The links are now updated and I trust a good number of readers have visited your site. Although a recent post it’s one of the top three posts since launching this blog in Nov’11. I hope the Lord’s using this in some small way to further His work through Steve’s mission. Be blessed…


    • PS. Probably ‘cos of the links in your text, WP delivered both your requests into the spam folder. I ever so rarely check it out as new spam doesn’t get flagged. Guess I got a holy nudge to see what’s in that folder – thank you Lord.


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