A recap of this year thus far

I wish to thank each new reader personally, especially those who’ve decided to follow my reports and musings.  Usually, I dip into blogs of fellow WordPress users but don’t always have time to say “Hi and thank you”, so please accept that now.

To help you catch up with background material, I’m providing a ‘synoptic’ overview by title of relevant posts linked to content, should you have time and inclination to peruse. This should prepare you, and regular readers/visitors too, for what’s about to follow.

In 2014 Preview I announced a slight change in my blogging emphasis towards current prophetic words for the church and away from those on the Middle East, as well as how to tell the time prophetically. Little did I suspect we’d be considering how to prophesy to Time!

A Parallel Year – 5774 and 2014

White Door in SkydoorAt first the recap was to be from January, but I got prompted that the better starting point would be last September’s Hebraic New Year 5774 – year of the ‘open door’. (Prophetic words are excluded as they are available in the Library of Prophecies and Visions.)

The following titles provide a background to what is to follow soon (click for content):


For readers who are not Christians I’d suggest reading first, Do you know Jesus? This is because an appreciation beyond the cursory, cultural norm of designating Him as just a historical, religious personage will be of help.

Jesus is ‘The Beginning’ and ‘The End’, and whose other time-related description I personally ponder is, ‘Always’.  Please don’t think this implies Jesus is all ‘ways’, because He alone is ‘The Way, the Truth and The Life’, as the one and only way to a personal revelation and relationship with our heavenly Father.

[Whitedoor in Sky by Nattavut courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.com]

Your contribution is warmly welcome (kindly note caveat in About Comments):

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