RESTORATION – today’s stunning Word from the Lord

Restoration per ICEJ – VG

To follow rabbi, Sharon, Gabriel on Jesus as Ko’Jews

NB: this post got published as above days in advance of eventual full publication. So please ignore that brief title and ‘garbled’ text. Those were prompts in draft to remind me what/when I was to write – but as I slept it got published and emailed to subscribers as shown above! (Apologies if you’ve already seen it and were unable to access before this rewrite.)

Yet Daryl Stewart of Rio Vista liked it just as that single ‘coded’ sentence!

But his ‘Like’ completely upset plans for my Saturday!  My following note left on his blog may explain – AND ONLY NOW in getting that inserted link have I noticed what already heads his blog for today and how it directly relates to what’s happened in the last 4 hours. (That is, it was totally unknown to me – what an awesome way our Lord works.)

This is my note inserted on his blog:

Hi Daryl and this is to thank you…especially for your prophetic appreciation of an item for publication –  ie. IN ADVANCE  🙂  BUT it should NOT have been seen!

I don’t know how a quick draft done with abbreviated title and short text of names got on the blog. (I rarely edit by phone but WP’s been upgraded.) It was to remind me to follow up thoughts on the passing of PM Sharon and a couple of prophecies with an excellent piece from Jerusalem on restoration. Yet nothing surprises me any longer…

I was just about to continue with ‘…in my blogging and where the Lord’s pointing me.’ and close by giving you a link to the original item WHEN the doorbell rang downstairs. Postman Tony had a small packet that wouldn’t go through our letterbox, and with it was an envelope from ICEJ.

I knew I had to open it rather than go back to the study/den and finish off this note – IT HAS THE SAME TITLE AND IMAGE AS WHAT I INTENDED BLOGGING ABOUT LATE NEXT WEEK. I just couldn’t stop laughing and as my wife’s at weekend retreat I phoned an elder to relate what’s happened and how it fits into other events of the last 12 hours on my last item and what’s to follow.

My plans were to publish 4 other things in the pipeline first but I guess this matter now comes first – what God has to say has put my plans for the day in total disarray – fantastic, praise you Lord.

Trust this doesn’t ‘blow your mind’ my friend!  As it must be for you too, you deserve an advance ‘peep’ at this excellent item >

Click on link to ‘More about Restoration’ (for excellent article I was going to re-post).

Now it’s 10am I’d better get on with my late breakfast and shower, which is normally done at 9am on Sat, BEFORE getting Koenig’s Eye View from White House and scanning emails – yours was at the top and has totally changed my day!!!

Just thought you’d like to know – what an immense laugh, and hope it all makes some sort of sense 🙂

Be mightily blessed and many thanks once again…

Here’s a copy of the magazine’s cover that the postman brought. It should facilitate an appreciation of the extraordinary connection with my intended post on Restoration, the  note to Daryl and the ICEJ video link.

Therefore, it must certainly be something the Lord wishes us to read and comprehend of His restorative plans for the world, the Middle East and the New Season for the Church.

To read the full text of ICEJ leader Dr Jurgen Buhler’s excellent article, click Restoration. For ICEJ website click on this image >>

So, what God has to say put my plans for the day in total disarray!

I’m reminded of 2 Chronicles 16:9…

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.


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