Senior MPs tell the Government to do more to prevent the persecution of Christians globally

This, along with Richard Parkhouse’s comment about Prayer for Parliament, is most informative after learning about the concerns of Muslim leaders here and in Egypt, Kenya and other Muslim nations (as in my earlier post).

God and Politics in the UK

Persecuted ChurchOver the last few years there has been a great deal of activity going on at Westminster raising awareness of the persecution of Christians around the world. Organisations such as Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) and Open Doors have worked with and supported concerned MPs, but much of this has taken place behind the scenes with little public recognition by government. This is now beginning to change. Baroness Warsi, the first Minister for Faith has recently begun to speak forcefully on the issue both here and abroad.

Yesterday saw a three-hour debate in the House of Commons on the persecution of Christians in the 21st century, and calls made by several Members of Parliament for the issue to be given much greater attention.

The debate focused on the persecution of Christians around the world, including countries such as Pakistan, India, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, China, North Korea, Burma, Eritrea and…

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