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Dear Friends,
Am catching up with my in-box and, if you’re as yet unaware, I’d draw your attention to the following ICEJ call for prayer back-up – please note the reminder about next week’s UN activity.
I’d hoped to have given a brief outline of the importance of this month to bring you up to speed but this revamped pc is so excruciatingly slow whilst I await repaired motherboard.  (Albeit optimized and tuned, it’s only 15% power of faulty pc, with processor too often at 100% capacity and struggling to multi-tab in browser!)
Hopefully, you may have kept tuned to what’s going on and I herewith insert some pertinent points that open John McTernan’s posting of early this morning:
“As the United Nations vote on a Palestinian state grows closer, the talk of war is accelerating. It seems that each day the war drums are getting louder and louder. Turkey and Egypt are now in a race to see who will be the first at war with Israel.  It is now a full-time job to watch the coming Psalm 83/Obadiah war. I still believe the war is going to focus on Jerusalem.  The Palestinians now are using Obama’s words against (him) in that he promised them a state!  This has a life of its own and is careening towards war…. “
– Turkey’s bellicose attitude, on top of expulsion of Israeli Ambassador and ‘corralling’ Israeli airline passengers, is becoming serious now its frigates are instructed to disable weapons of any Israeli ships outside territorial waters! (DebkaFile – unable to copy link) – all to avert attention away from growing domestic ills?  Time to kick Turkey out of Nato!
– last weekend’s storming of Israel’s Cairo embassy by founding branch of Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood activists required urgent intervention of USA’s Obama and Clinton before Egyptian authorities protected the besieged staff from an extremely grave situation (DebkaFile – unable to copy link) – all on top of Iranian machinations in Gaza and Lebanon. 
Just perhaps all this is one way the Lord may change Barack Obama’s deep anti-Israel stance?
Let’s keep looking to our Lord Jesus
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2011 12:15 PM
Subject: Update re The Stand
You are still encouraged to attend ‘The Stand’ tomorrow outside Parliament between 3-5pm.  Tim Gutmann of Mordecai Voice writes: “Please, for a final push spread the word and pray with us that a great number of Bible believing Christians will come on Tuesday at Old Palace Yard (immediately to the West of the Houses of Parliament) 3pm-5pm. Please invite as many as you can and ask folk to RSVP at this email address or   I believe for a great turnout of love, support and a standing with Israel at this key time.”Pray for the Parliamentary seminar that will take place at the same time (3-5pm) inside the Houses of Parliament, which has been organised by Christian Middle East Watch with involvement by ICEJ UK and with the title Are the Palestinians ready for statehood?”   Pray that a large number of MP’s and peers will attend (If you would like a PDF of the invitation to the seminar, to pass to your MP, please request it:   info@icejuk.orgJust a week away now, the Palestinians will demand international recognition for statehood at the United Nations in New York. Download a guide to the unilateral Palestinian Declaration of Statehood (pdf)   It comes nearly 37 years after Yasser Arafat first entered the UN General Assembly, a gun holster strapped to his side, and legitimized a lifetime of terrorism against the Jewish people. “I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter’s gun,” he declared. “Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand.”  Arafat’s chilling threat still hangs over the UN chamber in New York as the Palestinians openly warn of another ‘intifada’ against the Jewish people if the world refuses to give them what they want:  the city of Jerusalem.Then, on September 22nd the UN’s Durban III conference will take place in New York City. This ‘anti-racism’ conference has always targetted Israel and given a platform to anti-semitic abuse from her enemies.However, as Tim Gutmann writes, ‘We are  excited because we stand with truth, with the gospel of peace, with Jesus and we stand with Israel in these dark days…. We are excited to publicly proclaim this, to publicly pray, to publicly declare scriptural truth regarding Israel and His people, the Jews. We look forward to raising a public voice of love and support for Israel in a time of increasing isolation and hatred. We are looking forward to standing together in unity with you as we declare that; not only do we not believe the lies of the delegitimization efforts against Israel, but more than that! We believe Israel is covenanted with God forever, that His land has been promised to the Jewish people and their inhabiting is the fulfilment of prophecy from thousands of years.”
12 September 2011
The Stand – Westminster – 13th September 2011

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