New development re. next week at the United Nations

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Friends – Please see below Joel Rosenberg’s forwarded item upon this afternoon’s breaking news.
Negotiations have been getting extremely intense over these issues since my prayer call on Tuesday.  As suggested in my concluding line, the Americans are putting immense pressure on Palestinian leader Abbas. And even after stern warning’s and attempts to turn the tide from the Saudis, EU High Rep Ashton and Quartet Envoy Blair, Abbas isn’t backing down.  If you should be interested and have time for the finer details see:
Earlier background:
In his in-depth analysis of the Hebrew meaning of Israeli leaders’ names, William Koenig summarised:
God has given Benjamin Netanyahu to Israel. The “gift from God” [Benjamin] and the “Son of the right hand” [Netanyahu] is a protector of Israel and will be to the very end. It will certainly be interesting to see how God will use Benjamin Netanyahu in the days ahead.
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Subject: [New post] NETANYAHU COMING TO NEW YORK TO ADDRESS U.N. NEXT WEDNESDAY: Will confront Palestinian statehood bid and Ahmadinejad

NETANYAHU COMING TO NEW YORK TO ADDRESS U.N. NEXT WEDNESDAY: Will confront Palestinian statehood bid and Ahmadinejad

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Israeli PM Netanyahu will address the U.N. next Wednesday (AP photo from Sept 2009)

Senior aides to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin originally told me the PM was not going to come to the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly this year. But things have changed. Haaretz and Ynet News are now reporting that Netanyahu is coming to New York and will deliver a major address before the U.N. General Assembly next Wednesday. The decision reflects the PM’s desire to personally, directly and very publicly confront the Palestinian effort to unilaterally declare a state and receive a U.N. blessing, rather than engage in direct negotiations with the Jewish State. Netanyahu will also strongly condemn Iran’s bid for nuclear weapons and challenge the world to rein in Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is also coming to the U.N. next week.

During a press conference in Jerusalem yesterday with the visiting Czech Prime Minister, Netanyahu told reporters: “I have decided to personally convey the message of direct negotiation and striving for peace at the General Assembly — I know Israel doesn’t get a fair hearing at the General Assembly. It has an automatic majority which is quick to denounce Israel. I have decided to go… to tell the truth.”

The Palestinian Authority this week announced that on Friday, September 23rd it will formally submit its bid for full membership in the United Nations. A General Assembly vote would likely go overwhelmingly in favor of the Palestinians. The U.S., however, has vowed to veto a Palestinian statehood bid if it comes before the U.N. Security Council.


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