Prophecy Progress Update #54: Trump will speak to the nation

The day Donald Trump was expecting to be arrested, Tuesday 28th March, Canadian prophet Barry Wunsch received a vision and word from the Lord, the text of which got posted on Thursday as The Great Awakening Is Upon Us . Watch his recounting it, in between very powerful surges of the Holy Spirit, on Friday to Steve Shultz (from 4:20 mins point). Also, note a subsequent announcement from Trump delivering remarks after his appearance for Indictment tomorrow (click image to play Rumble video):

From 16:20 he’s shaken powerfully MANY times whilst recounting from his script:

“…was being used to enable and forcing justice to a corrupt cabal-controlled American government.
Again I was taken by the spirit where I watched an EBS broadcast as President Trump took a podium and addressed the Nations.
He was clear and concise with his words as he brought reassurance to the Nation and addressed the current situation. It was well in hand, and under control. It was well planned and being executed with exacting precision.
The enemy from within was being dealt with, here and now. The time had come to turn things over. They had met their match. The fiasco they had been operating was coming to an end and justice was going to be served…”

I’m grateful to Las R at Prayer for UK Today for sending this which develops upon the word cited in PPU #52 (click image to play video from 8.00 min) – and I note another ‘212’ (thousands¬† of her subscribers):

You will doubtless know the subsequent news:

PS: Re 212 (and 22) – see sections on 2nd and 3rd Validations: Triple Validation of Reality of the Life-changing Visitation

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