Satan’s schemes and false prophets – Neil Mackereth (GPS #90.1)

I knew something was brewing with my friend Neil Mackereth as he wrote me three months ago:

“Last Sunday, the preacher posed the question: “What Breaks Your Heart?”. For me, the answer is that God has given us all the information we need to understand our times and prepare for the huge economic, logistic and societal world crisis that is on the near horizon, and from which a “New World Order” will emerge. It is heartbreaking that much of the church ignores the subject…”

On 12.12.2022 Neil sent me the paper he’d hinted about, and I particularly note he begins by citing my personal ‘mission statement’ of nearly thirty years ago for dealing with my past, then being trained in healing and deliverance ministry. Also, his Conclusion begins with the concept recently disclosed at one of my men’s Saturday breakfasts. Hence, my emphases:



The Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 2:11 that we are not to be ignorant of Satan’s schemes. While contemplating the state of the world, in relation to Satan’s schemes, God laid on my heart three areas on which to focus: Israel; the UK (as a sanctuary); and the New World Order.


As many readers will know, my particular interest is in signs, predominantly those relating to the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, and those that confirm that God’s hand is at work in our time. It seems to me that we are surrounded by signs, and for the most part, they are ignored. The existence of biblical prophecy, validated prophetic ministry, and signs related thereto, are for our benefit; they show that God is in control and confirm His unfailing love. The victory is assured.

Over recent weeks various news items have reinforced my view that the Biblical End-times clock is speeding up – Satan appears to have the upper hand and the time of tribulation is imminent. We are witnessing great confusion, including dramatic climate swings, severe economic turbulence, wars, famine, plague, pestilence  persecution and poverty, and worldwide social unrest and upheaval.


Recently the UN passed a motion that there would be an annual commemoration event to mark the “catastrophe” (‘nakba’ in Arabic) of the birth of Israel (14 May 1948). Meanwhile, Israeli news sources report a growing number of Arab Nations making peace agreements with Israel. The contradiction, that many of the same Nations that voted in support of that particular UN motion are also looking for peace agreements with Israel, would not be a surprise to Jeremiah. The danger is in not recognising God’s warning: “Prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit …….. Peace, peace they say, when there is no peace” (Jeremiah 6:13-14, 8:11 see also Ezekiel 13:10, 16).

Tempting as it is to agree with, and wish to follow, those who prophesy peace, it is NOT what the Bible says will happen. Confidence in peaceful coexistence is misplaced, which is not to say it won’t happen for a while. Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled and it is clear, from Ezekiel 38, that nations will come against Israel at a time when they are “a land of unwalled villages …… a peaceful and unsuspecting people”.

The Lord said to me there will soon be a false peace. Thereafter, however, the enemies surrounding Israel will intensify their screaming for Israel to be crucified, it BREAKS MY HEART. As in the times of Habakkuk, the situation will be desperate, but understand this, “I HAVE NOT AND WILL NOT ABANDON MY PEOPLE ISRAEL”. These tribulations must take place: do not pray against the fulfillment of prophecy, rather pray that the wicked will repent.


In a recent case the Crown Prosecution Service expressed the view that the Bible is no longer relevant to modern society and that quoting scriptures in public, if deemed inappropriate by the CPS, is likely to lead to prosecution for “hate speech”. Another news outlet reports that a preacher, in a recent sermon at Cambridge Trinity College Chapel, expressed the opinion that Jesus had a transgender body.

The gender confusion within much of the church, combined with appeasement with liberal views and the absence of strong biblically based leadership are, I believe, major contributors to the decline in “mainstream” church attendance.

Notwithstanding the move away from fundamental biblical truths, the Lord made it clear to me last year that He has a role the church in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Lord showed me a picture of a very large cathedral-like building dominating, as it were, the islands of the UK. The doors were wide open and people were pouring in, while others were outside showing no interest. I was taken inside and many pastors were there, in dazzling white robes standing in shafts of light with arms outstretched, ministering to the visitors. In the shadows there were other clerics dressed in black.

“What does this mean, Lord?”

“I am making Great Britain a refuge (a sanctuary for the time of “Jacob’s Trouble”). Do not be judgemental, I am asking the praying remnant of Bible-believing Christians to intercede for those in the shadows, that they will move into the light.”

“Why is it so important?”

“There is an urgent need for more pastors who are well versed in Bible truths. There is also a need to address the problem of false prophets in the church and, in particular, the very dangerous and deceptive nature of Replacement Theology. Time is short and it is vital the multitude of would-be believers are not led astray by pastors whose views of Biblical truth and Kingdom values, are unsafe and unsound. Pray that the convictions of those in the shadows will be aligned to Gospel truths, particularly with regard to the enduring significance of Israel. The Holy Spirit will give you the discernment you need for this task.”

I understood that the shaking, sifting and repositioning in the church over the last few years is reaching a climax. I was also reminded that there has been a consistent chain of surprises (unexpected outcomes) that have shown that God has been removing Great Britain from an unholy and inappropriate alliance. God has separated the UK in order for it to be a rock of refuge in a sea of troubles, a light in a dark place in the time of need that is now upon us and growing in intensity.


It is clear from Scripture that a charismatic leader will emerge on the world stage who will have extraordinary ability to inspire, motivate and unite nations in a common cause to resolve the problems facing the world. The true identity of this leader, the Antichrist, will only be fully revealed when he proclaims himself god in the Temple in Jerusalem.

An organisation, the World Economic Forum (WEF), is waiting in the wings in the expectation that a world government will soon be necessary to cope with the deepening crises we face.

The Great Reset is an initiative, first announced by the WEF in June 2020:The world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a Great Reset of capitalism”

“There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world. I have written in depth on the WEF in a paper entitled: The World Economic Forum (Intentions Hidden in Plain Sight).

Suffice it to say, we cannot, and should not seek to, stop the establishment of a new world order. However, recognising, explaining and broadcasting the method by which prophecy is being fulfilled, will aid evangelism. We can pray that the maximum number of people will see, hear and understand what the information means.

Satan knows what the Bible says, and that the Book of Revelation shows that Jesus will return to rule His people and the world, from Jerusalem. Satan’s delusion is that he believes he can prevent Jesus returning*.


How did the world get to this dire situation?

One of Satan’s advantages is that many people do not believe he exists! Scripture shows that Jesus took him very seriously. Scripture also reveals some of Satan’s endeavours to undermine God’s plan. We know that Satan misleads, he is devious and deceitful beyond all measure. His biggest success is in plausible near-truths that confuse and undermine the integrity of those responsible for leading, teaching and pastoring the flock – some have become witting, and some unwitting, false prophets!

God has given us all the information we need to understand what is happening. A convergence of crises will lead to a worldwide economic and social collapse, which will be the catalyst for the emergence of a charismatic leader and the implementation of a world government – the New World Order.


Why is all this so important? In battle, in both the natural and the spiritual realms, it is vital to know as much as possible about the enemy’s motives, intentions and modus operandi.

We are about to enter the Time of Tribulation: we will face huge physical challenges and the most intensive spiritual warfare the world has ever known. A new world order is foretold and inevitable. Great evil is coming upon the world but the apparent triumph of wicked men will not hinder God’s plan. We are part of that plan and must do our utmost to explain what is happening.


*Satan’s Delusion is manifested in his efforts:
1) to tempt Jesus to sin and so become unworthy as Saviour
2) to destroy Jesus;
3) to disperse the Jews and fragment and undermine their national identity, and/or
4) to annihilate all Jews so that Jesus has no Jewish Kingdom to return to and rule;
5) to prevent the establishment of a Jewish nation state (Israel); and/or
6) to destroy Israel or Jerusalem, or to divide Jerusalem (i.e., ensure control remains in the hands of non-believers).
Satan tried the first and was resisted. He tried the second and was spectacularly defeated when Jesus rose from the dead. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth have been ongoing throughout history. I cannot over emphasise the huge significance of the reestablishment of Israel as a nation state in 1948 and the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967. The Temple Mount, however, remains in the hands of Gentiles and Satan continues his onslaught.
In cultivating antipathy towards the Jewish people, Satan has had considerable success in his endeavours to distance the Gentile Christian church from its Jewish roots. Tactics include: Distortion of Scripture. There are various ways of distorting Scripture, ranging from: e.g. changing the actual words of the Bible, as in the Jehovah’s Witnesses “Bible”, to: using complicated “intellectual” theological interpretations to redefine/”reinterpret” Scripture, e.g. supersessionism (replacement theology, also known as fulfillment theology i.e. that Israel was simply a picture of the true people of God which the church now fulfils); also, adapting to meet the requirements of “political correctness”; super-spiritualising and complex theorising on the meaning of passages of Scripture; Distraction and Diversion. Satan has been extremely successful in convincing much of mainstream church leadership that Eschatology in general, and the Book of Revelation in particular, are too difficult and too disturbing and should be avoided; Pandering to Vanity. For example, organisations that encourage members to believe they are superior beings and which involve rituals and customs which may have hidden connotations that are not fully understood by members. In some cases, the true nature of the organisation is masked by “good works” and the influence of members who are powerful “pillars of society”; Harmonisation Through Compromise (Appeasement). For many who seek to avoid confrontation, there is a wish to comply with liberal agendas and “political correctness” and not “rock the boat”. Many are deeply challenged by what the Bible has to say about moral standards and behaviour. Fear of offending encourages us to water down any view that appears contrary to adopted and accepted humanistic and liberal opinions. This is fertile ground for Satan’s endeavours to undermine the authority and credibility of the church.

11 thoughts on “Satan’s schemes and false prophets – Neil Mackereth (GPS #90.1)

  1. Dear Richard
    Having been sent your emails during the first lockdown, I have been reading your stand on end times. To this end, may I respectfully suggest, that what we are experiencing is a shadow of end times leading to the tribulation. In other words, Satan is trying to bring it in ahead of time.
    The reason I believe this is that we have not yet had the prophesied billion soul harvest, which Bob Jones saw would be a generation long.
    Maybe take a look at Robin D Bullock as an example, of thorough biblical teaching and proven prophetic track record.
    Val Thomas

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  2. All of the above needs to be balanced with the truth of the scriptures about the solutions and the final triumph of the people of God over evil. Otherwise it sounds like it’s trying to convince believers the devil is more powerful than Christ and their demise is to be expected, the NWO is unstoppable, and the power of the enemy through the nonbelieving world is greater than that of Christ within us.

    What I’m seeing is the fulfillment of prophecy over Canada that, according to South Korean pastor David Yonggi Cho in 1985, the Lord will use Canada to usher in the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is now happening as He reveals it to me Himself. It has to do with receiving the Kingdom with the faith of a child, as Jesus said ‘unless you receive the Kingdom with the faith of a child you will never enter into it.’ Child-like faith willingly follows the Lord the way of the cross – being ready to love God and love each other so much we’ll lay down our own lives in love for others.

    This leads to His authority over ALL of heaven and earth, including the NWO and all lawless criminals trying to control the narrative. We know we’re there when we simply ask the Lord to lead us to victory, His way, and embrace a temporary time of sharing in the suffering of Christ to also share in His glory. As a spiritual fore-runner for Christ I’ve experienced this over the past twenty years AND can now see the victory put in place before the evil-doers have a chance to succeed with their destruction.

    If Spirit-led believers understood the power and authority available to them to triumph over all evil by following Christ the way of the cross, they’d be rushing to get this done in their lives. On the other side it’s just a matter of communing with the Father through the Son by the power of the Holy Spirit and telling Him what we’d like to see done to bring forth His Kingdom on earth as He is in heaven. As His Word says “To him who overcomes I will give authority over the nations” (Revelation 2:26). The only way to learn by experience what this is like, is to go there. Ask the Lord to teach us the way of the cross and into His authority beyond, to cast down the gates of hades.

    The truth is some of us are already there. From this point of view what we see is the new covenant account of Esther, Mordecai and Haman (book of Esther). The globalists are like Haman, plotting to exalt HIMSELF by pretending to care about the laws. He acts in a lawless manner to manipulate matters of the law and serve himself only. Esther’s role (that of the Church) is NOT to stand by and keep track of Haman’s dealings so that she feels helpless to stop it. Her role is to get beautiful for the King and prepare to face death in order to enter His presence. In other words, she takes up the cross and follows the example of Jesus Christ, her Husband, to enter into the Presence of the Father. There, a sceptre is extended and she is given permission to write new decrees along with Mordecai, and on behalf of Mordecai (Israel), to be the head and not the tail of what comes next.

    To fail to understand the call of the Church to walk with Christ the way of the cross in this day and age, is to risk being motivated by fear instead of love for God, and to magnify the power of the enemy rather than the power of God available through the cross. A huge mistake. Of greatest importance is getting a right focus and learning more about who we are in Christ as individuals, so we can shine in His light to completely obliterate the darkness of the enemy. Any other way just makes it look like the darkness is getting even darker. A simple prayer from Spirit-led cross-walking believers triumphs over the powers of darkness, as I learned on the day of the Brexit referendum in UK: “Hang the Hamans on their own gallows, whoever they are.” Then learn how to BECOME the Light of Christ to show the world the true Light.

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  3. Dear Richard,
    I am pretty sure that I wrote to you before, concerning something that Neil posted, and which I strongly disagreed with.
    If I remember correctly, and I’m sorry that I cannot locate what I wrote then, Neil spoke of the soon rise of the Antichrist system, and this theme seems to be repeated here:

    “Over recent weeks various news items have reinforced my view that the Biblical End-times clock is speeding up – Satan appears to have the upper hand and the time of tribulation is imminent. We are witnessing great confusion, including dramatic climate swings, severe economic turbulence, wars, famine, plague, pestilence  persecution and poverty, and worldwide social unrest and upheaval.”

    I must profess, in the strongest possible terms, how completely I disagree with this statement!

    The present upheaval that we are experiencing in the world is emphatically NOT because Saran has the upper hand, but because GOD has the upper hand, and Satan is resisting both Him and his people.

    Satan wants to plunge the world into end times destruction and chaos, but GOD controls the timing of the end times, not Satan!

    We are emphatically NOT going into a time when Satan’s rule is INCREASED, but rather a time when his rule is DECREASED.

    This is the whole point of your multiple posts and blogs, which explain how the Deep State is being exposed and dismantled.
    How could this be happening if Satan’s power was increasing?

    And that is precisely the purpose of the military operation that is presently proceeding behind the scenes, and why President Trump looks so confident when he speaks.

    For sure we must pass through some troubled years now, as evil is exposed and taken down.

    But an incredible time of God’s blessing lies ahead!

    Dear friend, I am most troubled indeed by what you have shared here. We MUST present a clear prophetic meta narrative in what we write.
    IMO, this post is troubling and confusing, and it needs to be discussed further please.

    God bless you

    Chris x

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    • Thank you dear Chris and it’s so valuable to have a open discussion on this vital matter. If I get time after the publishing the opus to this trilogy next week it will be well to blog about precedence in prophecy.

      The changes and Return are very likely to happen rapidly in a way we don’t expect because, as text, the scriptures just cannot convey awesome fullness of eventual manifestation.

      Eg essential to consider seriously what our friend Chris G B heard from the Lord to “Prepare!” for His soon return – AND it confirms a glory vision my wife had plus that of Toronto prophet Lilian Brown, PLUS my foretaste by actual Visitation in ’89!

      Absolutely no discussion or opinion can gainsay such direct experiences my dear friend…

      STOP PRESS: Chris G Bennett – “PREPARE FOR MY RETURN!”


    • Dear Chris, Thank you for your response. From what you have said, and some of the earlier comments above, I would like to be clear about some points. First, I absolutely believe God is in control of all things in heaven and earth. Second, when I say Satan appears to have the upper hand, “appears” is exactly what I mean. Thirdly, I absolutely believe that all Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled.
      I believe we are beyond the time of “shadow” events or “models” or “patterns” of bigger things to come. It seems that I think we are further along the end-times time-line than you do. All I can say is that I sincerely hope that where we disagree, we can agree to disagree agreeably.
      I do my utmost write in plain English whatever the Lord lays on my heart. I think a mighty storm of disruption, discontent and despair is on the near horizon, and that will drive multitudes into “the valley of decision”, and be the catalyst for a huge revival.
      My personal journey was of that “pattern”. I was in a very dark place of deep depression and despair and got down on my knees and cried out saying: “if you are really there, God, I need your help”. The response was immediate and within days I had been guided to my salvation. Why do I tell you this? – I am sure a similar pattern is soon to be fulfilled for many, many people, and they are going to need our help.
      Lastly, I have found that God’s seal is always that of peace; I am not frightened by what lies ahead, rather I am in awe that God has chosen to tell us before times what to expect, and I know “All things work together for good to them that love God”.

      May the Lord Bless and encourage you in all your endeavours, Neil

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